Heather Layne / Press

“Layne Reaches to the Top After Hitting Rock Bottom - Most performers shoot for record deals. Many of Heather Layne’s fans, however, have sought deals on their record — prison record. Layne, a guitarist, singer and songwriter from Clovis, CA reaches out to the incarcerated, the suffering, and those in 12-step programs. It’s all part of her own recovery, having suffered through some hideous teenage abuse that led to taking her message and music on the road, mostly to churches. With her husband and drummer, Dennis, at her side, Layne hit the road starting in 2010, on the heels of a radio-friendly country single, “Close Your Eyes.” It was just over a decade ago that Layne attended a 12-step meeting that led to her first original song. That became another song. And another. And before she knew it, she was inspiring those in recovery, herself the product of a painful past.”

Rich Freedman - Times-Herald Vallejo, CA

“How did you get started in music? 'My life hit bottom about 10 years ago. I wasn't an addict or an alcoholic, but I had A LOT of issues I needed to deal with. I joined a 12-step recovery group, started working the steps, and songs just started coming because of the pain I was in. Playing my guitar and songwriting became my therapy and my connection with God. My husband and I will be leaving for a 3-week radio tour of AZ, NM, TX, OK, AK, MO, and KS. We have 10 concerts booked on the tour as well as some Country Music radio station interviews along the way, which are being booked by my radio promoter.' What are you hoping comes from all of this? 'Because these songs come from a place of my own pain and brokenness, I have seen how the music has affected people in 12-step recovery, and people who are simply struggling with life. My hope from all of this is that more people will hear the music, and that the music would somehow comfort them and help them know they're not alone.'”