“(Swagg news) What projects do you have in the works. Mixtapes, Albums, Shows, Tours etc Well Winnipeg’s Most has Our Second Winnipeg’s Most Album Coming out “GOODFELLAZ’ Coming out IN JUNE 2011. But we got a mass amount of work in progress, HEATBAG’S GOT ONE SPEED AND ITS GO… LOL But no Heatbag Records has multiple projects goin on right now.We got hella artists in Heatbag records, Jon-C, Charlie Fettah, Brooklyn, Bubblz, Ed e Buk, Zkilla, Blu, Drezus, Ruppness Monsta, Ashley Blakk, Kid P, Cypha Diaz, Kidd kane and a hand full of producers some slash emcee’s - Stattis, Blu, Kid P, Ruppness Monsta.. …..So we pushin, (Swagg news) Well you know that this is Swagg News so it’s only right that we find out Winnipeg’s Most definition of SWAGG. Keeping it Street with class, Fresh clothes with fine women, hard body’d wit a case, an I aint talking no 6 pack…”We keep it hood rich, IF U AINT THE PERSON, THEY WANNA BE, then u aint got swagg wit 2 g’s” JON-C SWA”