“The band, with their bracing, gritty delivery, move with the film like a cool ball of fire”

“Local band Haunted by Heroes to guest Thursday on 'America's Got Talent'”

“Pacifica-based band Haunted by Heroes, are heading into Massy's recording studio for their first CD with the legendary producer.”

“Local band Haunted by Heroes to guest Thursday on 'America's Got Talent' ”

“Pacifica rock band Haunted by Heroes to record with Sylvia Massy”

“Haunted By Heroes are like loud guitars. Their influences include Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. About a week ago, they played the Whisky A Go Go.”

“Not mistakenly billed as "America's youngest rock band," all five members of Haunted By Heroes are currently in fourth grade. But make no mistake - these 9-year-old musicians have got enough pounding talent to harness a smoking rhythm showdown with their older rock counterparts. ”

“The five members of Haunted By Heroes, a Pacifica band - which played Friday at the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood - are in the fourth grade. They met as toddlers, play Little League together, and have just released their first four-track CD, "Nine," a reflection of their age. They bill themselves as America's youngest rock band. ”

“SAN FRANCISCO (2/26/10)- Let me preface this review by stating I’ve seen it all… Benny Goodman, Woody Herman, Sammy Davis Jr., Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, AC/ DC , Megadeth etc.. but I have never seen ANYTHING like what I saw at Broadway Studios tonight in San Francisco. A band from Pacifica consisting of five nine year old fourth grade classmates taught a new school of rock n roll to an overflow crowd of adoring fans.”

“Nine year-old rockers, HAUNTED BY HEROES, have been friends since their preschool days in the small town of Pacifica, CA. Upon first look, one would assume these boys are no different than any other fourth graders... until they hit the stage.”

“HAUNTED BY HEROES - Nine Year-Old Rockers Release Debut EP”

“Haunted By Heroes - The band, which consists of Nick (bass) and Chris Rigling (drums), Geddy Franco (lead guitar), Charley Rutledge (rhythm guitar), and Brandon Lurie (keys), has begun making waves in the Bay Area and has already sold out Broadway Studios, garnering more sales of merchandise and EPs than most acts triple their age. HAUNTED BY HEROES will be the Whisky A Go Go's youngest performers to take stage on March 20 at 7:00 p.m.”

“Even if Haunted By Heroes aren't the best-performing metal band on the planet, they're most likely the youngest. All of the members are 9-year-olds, and if they keep at it, they just might be the greatest group to ever rock the planet before they exit their teens.”

“When most 9 year olds are watching cartoons, playing video games and sports, or exploring the great outdoors, HAUNTED BY HEROES are rehearsing, recording, and playing live events. Armed with a great deal of talent and an amazing ear for rock n roll music, Nick, Chris, Charles, Geddy and Brandon comprise this band of 9 year old Rock sensations who are destined to hit the top. ”

“Sometimes rock and roll legends aren’t brought together via the Sunset Strip nightlife or an impersonal Craigslist want ad. In some cases, serendipity happens in the unlikeliest places – and all before you hit a birthday in the double digits. While most tots are finding complacency with a Toy Story DVD or their trusty playground swing set, one group of young boys were blazing a very different trail at their local day care. They were planting the roots of metal.”