“Chicago Domination Fest 4 Interview”

“Despite their young age and relative newcomer status, they held their own admirably with the veterans.”

“If you are into pure raging death, this is a unit to keep an eye on. They hail from Chicago, too!”

"Storm Of Flames" to me is such a CD that is never boring, that always works well on the state of mind. I would say, try it!

“Support these lads so they can WOW us with their next impressive release.”

“Wow, between their moniker and demo title, these dudes offer a shit-ton of stormy ill will! But it's just that sort of eradicate-everything -in -sight attitude that needs to be quarterbacking decent death metal. I don't know what's got these Chicagoans so riled up (unstable property taxes, whipping winter winds, ridiculous murder rate, trying to find downtown park), but they've channeled all that acrimony into some rebar-solid, true -to-name death fucking metal!”

Waldo - Decibel Magazine

“Brutal Releases 2014”

“The best Death Metal band you haven't heard of…yet”

“Xmas in Hell 2013”

"Storm of Flames"

“Viper Room in Wein, Austria”

“New Band of the Day”

“Hate Storm Annihilation releases single off their upcoming album "Storm of Flames"”

“WOW!!! If you like Nile and/or Hate Eternal check out Hate Storm Annihilation! (Peter)”

“USDM Force BLOODSOAKED will invade Europe this April for the Rotting In Europe 2013 Tour that will see the brutalists split skulls across Germany, Poland and The Netherlands. Joining BLOODSOAKED will be be Bay Area Melodic Death sextet SHORT FUSE, Dallas-based blackened death act PSYCHIATRIC REGURGITATION, Boston thrash trio BLACK MASS and Chicago death horde HATE STORM ANNIHILATION.”

“Extreme metal fans from Chicago are already plugged in to the voracious death metal barrage of Hate Storm Annihilation. Right now, the band is putting together its full-length debut, Storm Of Flames after cutting its teeth live with notable performances warming up for notable bands such as Cannibal Corpse and Deicide. We catch up with Konstantin and Craig to discover the motivation behind the bands old-school brand of ear-splitting brutality. ”