Harlem Parlour Music Club / Press

“ "It's like the McGarrrigles sitting down to jam with Ollabelle".”

John Platt - wfuv-FM

“I admit that one of my absolute favorite cds of this year has been the out-of-nowhere HPMCs "salt of the earth". The energy and homespun warmth behind this marvelous conglomeration of excellent musicians crackles brightly, the playing is simply honest and magical. This is the way it should be!”

Barnes Newberry - WUMB Radio www.wumb.org

“HPMC has released a stunningly beautiful debut album, Salt Of The Earth, which turns out to be a perfectly fitting title, as rarely has a recording exuded such humility and unpretentiousness. While star performances abound, the members of HPMC give way to the songs themselves as the focal point.”

William Catlett ("Cat") - radiofreeamericana

“Harlem Parlour Music Club is a collective of amazing musicians. Their combined efforts result in some extraordinary music. Just as salt is an essential mineral for life, Salt of the Earth is essential to any good music collection. This is one not to be missed! ”

Dan Alloway, - Folk Fury - KTEP:

"The Harlem Parlour Music Club is a superb blend of singers, musicians, and song. All this, combined with its signature, mesmerizing backbeat, makes for a winning combination..."

Caroline Doctorow, - WPKN

“Rare today to find such authentic Appalachian Bluegrass production emerging from modern (Northern!) Studios; rarer still to find it as soulfully expressed, even urbanely imbued. ”

John Henry - Artist