Hardcore Lounge / Press

"The clean production work showcases what could be lounge pop with an avant guarde twist".

"What I like the most about this band is how much fun they are having with with....no tension whatsoever. They also seem to groove well extremely together, testament to hundreds of hours of rehearsal time no doubt."

"Abetted by bassist Marco Heeter, drummer Marlon Young and keyboardist/singer Mary Allegrucci (plus a host a host of guest players) the Johnsons server up a rich buffet that includes the lush Latino pop of "Arrival Departure', the country twanging, pedal steel-flecked "Love Song" the anthemic garage soul of "Holiday" and the unabashed hi-nrg disco swirl that is the title track. Earnestly bouyant vocals from Wes-who might just have a Tom Jones album or two in his collection-heap seal the deal. A fun record from start to finish."

"Neither hardcore nor lounge (though closer to the latter), with Wes Johnson's colorful instrumentation, it's easy to hear 80's reference points such as Talking Heads, the B-52's, and REM."

Courtney Devores - Charlotte Observer