Hammerdrone / Press

“Hammerdrone was the first on the stage. While it had been some time since they had last performed together live, you would not have known it. They put on a fantastic show with their brand of death metal. I think the best way I could describe their show was intense and it perfectly set the tone for the night.”

"If the last few Amon Amarth albums actually had balls, their music would sound like Hammerdrone."

"...melodic death of this calibre may not be hard to find, but it rarely has this much classiness and energy behind it. This will be the album that will get Hammerdrone some serious attention in the metal underground."

““Hammerdrone's songwriting prowess, attention to detail and willingness to push itself to try different things is what really sets Clone of Europa apart from both the previous EP and the work of other bands...I can't wait to see what these guys do next. Somebody sign them already!””

“If you are a death metal fan you owe it to yourself to check out Hammerdrone.”

“Hammerdrone offers a no bullshit, no synths, no clean vox, in your face fifty minutes of the most exciting music 2014 has delivered so far to my ears”

“these Canadians have recaptured what made Soilwork (and Dimmu) great in the first place...Somebody sign these guys already”

“If you're into death metal or melodic death metal at all, I can't recommend Clone of Europa enough.”

"Hammerdrone was absolutely intense, from the instrumentation to frontman Graham Harris’s towering presence and sneering expressions."

"If you dig Amon Amarth, check it out...[Hammerdrone] are good. Keep it up."

"a perfect combination of melodic and extreme...this Metal band helps give the underground of Metal its grand reputation"

"For all fans of old school metal this is the most tasty treat"

"ass-kicking epicness..." 4/5

"Their music has a certain unholy majesty to it that few bands can obtain...profound and somehow beautiful... a sweeping metal tour de force that shows the power of the genre."

"high quality death metal...the soundtrack to an epic battle scene between weather-hardened Norse warriors and reptilian overlords"

“Will leave you wanting more...Get it or die!”

"Extreme metal at it's best ladies and gentlemen. As simple and dangerous as that sounds. Go for it!" 4/5

"This Calgary band has their melodic death down pat, creating a sound that is heavy on groove and guitar smarts, bringing to mind a lot of bands from about a decade ago on Century Media or something, a real slick sound that doesn't compromise heaviness but still manages to be somewhat accessible and memorable". 8/10

"Handing us four stunning brilliant and monstrously talent filled songs...They have given me a EP worth of the term Masterpiece. Each song is crafted out of solid steel and wielded like a long broadsword in the hands of a masterswordsman against a helpless victim." 8.9/10

"A good first release that highlights the undoubted talent of this young Canadian combo." 7.5/10

"...the songs prominently display the band’s mix of guttural, raspy vocals that occasionally diverge into unearthly blackened screams, jackhammer double-kick drums, and noodly interweaving guitars that squeal and crunch appropriately...I’m stoked to hear what’s next, because if this EP is any indication, it’s going to be solid."

"Hammerdrone really cut the mustard when it comes to a band producing passionate heavy melodic death metal, this is a band to watch in the future." 7/10

"Et de la qualité, c'en est ! Doté d'un son complètement chaotique, HAMMERDRONE fait très fort pour un premier EP."

"Así que si te gusta el Death Metal con ciertas melodías y Groove no te pierdas este fantástico “A Demon Rising”. "...if you like death metal with some melodies and Groove do not miss this fantastic "A Demon Rising".

"Musicisti così esperti realizzano un'uscita davvero curata e formalmente perfetta sotto tutti i punti di vista, infatti il quarto d'ora di "A Demon Rising" scorre che è un piacere e invita a riproporne l'ascolto più volte in maniera consecutiva....musicisti di questo genere non possono che ricevere il mio appoggio incondizionato"

"...decent to very good songs with hooks, speed, wicked solos and a nice guitar sound...[Hammerdrone is] headed in the right direction."

"one of the best debut EP I have heard this year so far. Very heavy and tight, dark and brutal...a strong declaration of the Hammerdrone’s arrival. You better sit back and take notice ‘cause that’s the best thing that you can do." 8.75/10

“This five piece band fucking hit the stage hard making the crowd jaws melt into the abyss. With shredding melodic solo's, hard hitting technical drums, pounding bass lines and a front man with slaying vocals to add an amazing presence. I must say this front man to the band has the best stage presence within the local Calgary scene. ”

“Hammerdrone is essentially what Amon Amarth could have been if they had the cojones to inject their music with a dose of aggression”

"an album that'll get heads banging and fists pumping all across Alberta's death metal scene"

"a great, hard-hitting Death Metal experience"

““well written and perfectly executed extreme metal with real bite””

"melodic death metal the way it was originally meant to be: uncompromising and ridiculously catchy." 4/5

“Hammerdrone makes driving blackened death. Music to mosh to, to dance to, and to kick some random stranger’s ass to. Listen up!”

"complex yet briliantly crafted with solid production and superb musicianship" 78/100