Half Light Music / Press

““Born from the ashes of Capitol / Epic Recording Artists, Bliss 66, Half Light Music picks up where Bliss 66 left off, working on this self titled debut disc for the better part of a year, this Chuck Alkazian collaboration is an incredible first effort with 9 well-crafted, radio-ready, cohesive tracks! Cheyenne Goff (Vox) clearly demonstrates his lyrical mastery along with his ability to combine rhythm and melody to create music that clearly draws on a basic rock structure, but at the same time, offers a unique, defining sound that is completely his own. With no shortage of hooks, this disc is certain to please fans from a huge cross-section of the rock landscape...this disc quickly impresses you with the emotion and lyrical strength that is prominent in every song."”

““Detroit based Half Light Music may be a new name on the scene, but these four men know their way around the stage and studio. The band contains three-fourths of former Epic recording artist Bliss 66, who disbanded in 2003. Lead singer Cheyenne Goff has proven his vocal and lyrical talents in Bliss 66, as well as his most recent project, Paper Street Saints. His newest endeavor is more closely aligned with the sound of Bliss, even including some re-worked demos from those days of yore, such as "E_Girl" and "Yeah." The CD kicks off on the right note with "Mayday," a song with an undeniably catchy hook and a nice melody. A couple tracks down we come across the aforementioned "E_Girl," and "Make Up Your Mind," which feature memorable and powerful choruses, respectively, and exceptional guitar work by Marty Yount. The real standout on the album is "The Gambler." It catches Goff at his lyrical best, and gives center stage to a forceful, yet wistful conclusion...."”