Half8n / Press

“My favorite tune from the playlist is the closer “Dead Inside” I like it when an album, or playlist ends with a tender jam, and while this is no tender jam, it is one of the slower songs. It is acoustic driven, but manages to stay as strong as any other song in the playlist. The band has an EP out on iTunes called “We Were Here”, which is just $3.96, and I highly recommend. For those who don’t have an iPod, you can also get some Half8n tunes on their facebook page”

“There are seven songs on their profile, and I can’t name one that I didn’t like. When the first song “Anonymous” kicked in, the down tuned, chugging riff reminded me of early KoRn. I also really liked “Human Genocide”, this one starts with a slow acoustic intro, then ascends into epicness, similar to a Metallica song structure.”

“I have a new band I’d like to mention. They are called “Half8n” and they are from Fresno, California. They are interesting because their sound is hard to classify as a specific metal subgenre because of the diversity of influences, which can all be heard.”

“Half8n was enjoyable to watch because there young and full of energy and want to take over the world already. The guitarist with the badass spikes, holy shit! When they finished the kid was ripping on some crazy sweeps. Awesome job.”

“Their is a jubilation to their anger-and-angst-filled rock, that they share with each other and that they seem compelled to share with whomever will listen. So if you get a chance–DO IT.”

“I had to vote for Half8N, ’cause those little fuckers are the future of hard and classic rock.”

“Tulare Band Celebrates CD Release with Homecoming Concert When you think of music in the park, you may think of big band music. But Wednesday, April 20th, the park will rock with the sounds of Half8N! The band, founded in Tulare, will be celebrating the release of its EP "We Were Here", with a concert at Zumwalt Park from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Half8N worked with acclaimed producer Sylvia Massy on this album. She's worked with Prince, Elton John, TOOL, and Foo Fighters, to name a few. The band formed in 2006, and features Dalton Whitman (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Eric Avila (lead Guitar, background vocals), Justin Casselman (Drums) and James Ruiz (bass). Half8N is promising a fun-filled night. Cherry Tigris will host the show, DJ Taz will be spinning the turntables, and the band RXR will also tage the stage.”