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“Jamie Hall, a doctor with a family practice in downtown Detroit, and singer of HafLife, is about 50 percent covered in tattoos. “Some have marked certain periods of my life, and some are strictly adornment,” Dr. Hall said. His other embellishments include outsize plugs in his lobes, hooks that penetrate his ear cartilage and, he said, “a couple of spikes on the top of my ear.” “Certain piercings I take out for work, mostly for convenience,” he said. “But some have been accepted over time.” Reactions, he said, vary widely, from “Are you a doctor?” to “You’re the coolest doctor I’ve ever seen.” Still, he is on occasion overcome by nostalgia. “Lately tattooing has slipped to the norm,” Dr. Hall said. “I miss the days when bikers were tattooed and athletes weren’t.” “Now, he added, “attorneys on red Harleys are tattooed.””

“A ranting nightcrawler out for some bootycore Haflife’s music sounds like it’s written in their historic Detroit home. The wizardry located in their art-house hideout offset by a matte-black, 60’s era Cadillac droptop sitting in front. If the Cadillac isn’t there, it should be. Pushing steel ‘til the red eyes drift away. I admit it, I’m in love with...no...I’m addicted to Booty Core. Music that Lead Ranter MD 20/20 describes as “…the bastard hybrid between Old Skool industrial and 70’s funk/R&B.” I'm not going to tell you again~get out of the car. It’s 3am at a Berlin Goth party and I need to hear “NightCrawler.” Again. Really, this is the last time. Ok, please play it again. ”

“....but how could I convince every reader that the band's 'Nightcrawler' album was worth checking out without giving them a bouncy body part? Happily, the record is an infectious, groovin' slice o' cool that, when slipped into the hellish hi-fi recommends itself with ease.”

“HafLife is putting the SEX back into Sex, Drugs and Rock n' roll!"”

Brett Callwood - Metro Times

“If there's no rest for the wicked, this punk rock doc must be pure evil ...”

“HAFLIFE cd release show was AWESOME. If you're a fan of industrial you need to add this "BOOTYCORE" cd to your collection. Not only will you be getting great music, you're be supporting our local music. I feel that we as Detroiter's are spoiled. We've had great music coming out of our area for a loooong time. Motown, Electronic, The resurgence of garage bands, all started here. With all that history, we tend to forget the bands that stay because they want too. They love it here. We should return that love. HAFLIFE is one of those bands. Show your love and get their new cd.”

“As a rocker and a doctor he's all about commitment”