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“Drug Sick Hero back out on the road after 7 years in hiding. In support of his new Album out mid 2013. From what we have heard its his best work to date.”

Mike - Rolling Stone

“'Stuck In Yesterday' has a vibe to it that reminds of The Doors... not that you sound LIKE the Doors... it's just a feel I get from the song... sort of 'People Are Strange' very cool DSH. There are so many creative grooves going on in this collection of music, that it's a joy to check them out. - TPK”

The Pizza Kings

“These days most artists are finding their audience by selling themselves to whomever will buy. The "shadow network", as he goes by now, is an exception. As mysterious as he is elusive, this artist is without border or genre. His reclusive approach to music making defines an element that is missing from rock and roll today. An undefinable, sometimes frightening isolation that translates to the uncomfortable audible realization that you are listening to fanatic sonic blasts that desperately need to find a home. -K.L. Kehoe January 31st 2011 ”

K.L.K - broke dick press

“Reminiscent of Mudhoney with the lyrical wit of Mark Arm, Drug Sick Hero takes his solo studio effort with a clarity of sarcasm that forces the listener to play this track over and over to dissect the hidden meaning. A live band would flush out what is certainly a promising snippet of what is to come from this rising artist”

KLK - Jagged coast productions

“Finally now available on Itunes. You can now own your own fix.”

“This guy is harder to find than mushrooms in the desert and if you do get the chance of a by chance interview or meeting. Expect him to make you foot the bill. That is if he not totally fucked up by the time you get there.”

Orlando Weekly

“Its like waking up with a hang over and getting punched in the face”

Joe - Prick

“Like watching a priest holding the alter boys hand”

Sue - street scene

“Usually has a 30+ guest list but you will make your money back from the bar cause they are all drinkers”

OC Weekly

“This guy gave me his guitar to hit someone over the head with”

Ronnie - Fanzine

“If you offer bands free beer these guys will load in at noon and drink till you kick them out.”

Roxie - The Stranger

“This son of a bitch made one hell of a mess of my bar with pinatas filled with all kinds of crazy shit.”

Craig - Linda's Doll Hut

“Drug Sick Hero is probably one of the most unpredictable acts you will ever see.”

Maximum Rock and Roll