Gretta Ziller / Press

“While it can be a wonderful thing, modern technology mixed with the modern age in the world of music is sometimes a mixed blessing. Anyone can record a song and release it to the world. Performances can be enhanced and sometimes drastically improved. One thing that can’t be manufactured though is real talent, real songs and real, honest performances. Gretta Ziller has all those in spades and is one of those artists you’ll be telling your friends that YOU heard first before everyone else caught on.”

Matt Fell. Producer, Love Hz Studio Sydney

“Gretta Ziller has come a long way since her formative days in the North East. But early on, you could see an incredible talent. That talent has seen multiple success in Telstra Road to Discovery and a performance alongside John Farnham at the 2009 AFL Grand Final. And Ziller, based in Melbourne, has taken those experiences, along with some key overseas life experiences to deliver the Hell’s Half Acre EP. The aching title track, inspired by a badlands she came across in Canada showcases a real international sound. It’s country for those of us who won’t admit we dig it. Across five super solid tracks we are treated to the gentle and contemporary Hunt For Love, the sunny pop stylings of Some Kind Of Habit and Unforgiven Sins — a stripped-bare ballad allowing Ziller’s worldly vocals to shine. And the closer, Rust And Bones is the illegitimate child of Kasey Chambers and Steve Earl!”

““Gretta’s EP was produced by Border music veteran Paul Gibbs, whose twangy country guitar intro and Gretta’s terrific vocals get the EP off to a great start in You Must be Good at Getting Over Love” before the lovely “Devil on Your Shoulder”, a stand-out track, slows down the pace. Four of the five songs are Ziller originals while the last is “Your Own Sweet Way” written by Mark Knophler (recorded by the Notting Hillbillies)”. ”

Peter Batson - The Border Mail