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“Given the fact that it's long past time Greg Trooper got due recognition as the Americana treasure he is, "Incident on Willow Street" will hopefully be the album that brings him the acclamation he clearly deserves. While today's musical realms are littered with singer/songwriters sharing their personal narratives, Trooper has always stood apart from the competition, courtesy of songs that ring like timeless treasures even on a first hearing.”

"Incident On Willow Street" This tremendous album covers a broad canvas stylistically, with it’s tap root in country music but with so much more included. There are classy, edgy country songs, excellent country rock, terrific rootsy rock & roll, all built on great song writing, tremendous arrangements and playing and sung by just about the most evocative vocalist around.

“- "Upside-Down Town" 4 out of 5 stars. "...'They Call Me Hank' is a definite contender for 2011 Song of the Year." -”

“-"Upside-Down Town "...an impeccably written and performed album, with soul in all the right places." -”

“'Upside-Down Town.' - "...the rootsy grooves and Trooper's warm voice are spellbinding." - Jim Morrison”

"Greg Trooper's roots-rock can lean toward soul or country or Dylan, and it's filled with yearning and promises"

Jon Pareles - New York Times

“Make It Through This World 4 stars Jersey-born Greg Trooper's cut some exceptional solo records. With Dan Penn producing, this eclipses them all- a laconic country-soul masterpiece with hope and grit nestled into its eloquent storytellin”

Luke Yorn - Uncut

“Greg Trooper, "Make It Through This World" A songwriter who would describe showing love to a hard-hearted girl as being "futile as a prayer" might not be a religious man, but Trooper's songs have the ring of gospel truth. ”

Brian Mansfield - USA Today

“Greg Trooper - The Williamsburg Affair Quietly purveying his rootsy charms, Trooper is, well, a real trooper. Confident and assured, The Williamsburg Affair is an Americana masterpiece worthy of a meaningful encounter. Miami New Times The Best Under-the-Radar Rock of 2009, Part Three ”

Lee Zimmerman - Miami New Times

“Trooper’s lyrical manner is poignant and his singing is patient and evocative.”