Green Sunshine / Press

“Hip Hop Against Hunger, a benefit for F.E.A.S.T., was an UNBELIEVABLE evening with Green Sunshine - three intelligent MCs and a phenomenal virtuosic soul singer backed by five live musicians. The band blends funk, reggae and soul in their lush original music rooted in the hip hop traditions of positive lyrics and free speech. ”

“ey Green Sunshine.... thanks for taking the time to chat. I read on your bio that each band member comes from all over the states. How did you all come together? How long have you been playing together? The grass-roots collective known as "Green Sunshine" has evolved over the last ten years. Green Sunshine began as a duo rapping over backing tracks, then added instrumentalists one by one. Green Sunshine's current line-up has been together since September of 2009. The core of our group has been rhyming and playing together since they were kids.”

“We'll admit, "hip-hop jam band" sounds like a terrible, terrible idea. But with Green Sunshine, it totally works. Performing a mix of funk, jam, hip hop and jazz, the collective consists of three MCs (Reason, Rhyme and Chaos), a vocalist (Motown Tea), a guitarist (Justin Boza), a bassist (Curtis Haze), a drummer (Jason Stander), a DJ (Sly Boogie) and a guy who plays trumpet, keys and harmonica (Johnny Nichol). The end result is something like G. Love and Special Sauce, Arrested Development and Jurassic 5 all covering the Beastie Boys'Paul's Boutique. Their music radiates positive vibes, and is deeply funky and extremely fun-loving (thanks, no doubt, to "green"-loving songs like Puff Puff Pass and THC), making the band a house-party favorite around Tampa Bay. ”

“First we have Green Sunshine who are a collective of creative folks bringing some serious fun to what they do. They are a party in a bottle, and are sure to unlock that dancing fool you know you have got inside of you. Their tune "Fresh" is great anthem for getting down!”