Green Light Morning / Press

"Green Light Morning, A band seemingly one big break from opening for someone like Train or The Fray"

"These Ohio Natives are bringing the sound of alternative pop rock back to a mainstream world that’s extremely distracted by dance/electro. . . .In their bio they state that Green Light Morning is a “fresh new writing project based on story-telling lyrics combined with soul and melodic hooks.” I couldn’t have described it better myself."

"Sometimes you find a place where musical talent just comes together to create a compelling story. That is exactly the case for the Cincinnati three-piece Green Light Morning. . . . It is The Script meets Lifehouse meets The Fray and could easily suit a sitcom soundtrack or be a soft-rock DJ's top pick."

"Although it may be a short trip, "Green Light Morning" is definitely a journey you'll want to embark on and will surely keep you smiling. It has a collection of songs that could very well be the theme song of life."