Grass It Up / Press

"They just have this kind of persona," says Klugh. "They're not too serious, but they're great musicians."

“While it may have additional connotations, the "grass" in genres like jamgrass, newgrass and indie-grass is definitely derived from bluegrass, the fast-moving country subgenre that requires more instrumental dexterity than just about any American music this side of jazz. And as suggested by homages to AC/DC (the band Hayseed Dixie) and Pink Floyd (the album Dark Side of the Moonshine), bluegrass can cover a whole lot of ground. The hard part is finding players good enough to pull it all off. Over the course of seven years, Grass It Up has met that challenge, not so much with quirky covers — although the group does a mean version of Prince's "When Doves Cry" — as with vintage classics and spirited originals that extend and expand upon the tradition. ”