Granvil Poynter / Press

“Best Blues Artist 2014”

“Best Blues Artist 2015 2nd place”

““The debut album of Granvil Poynter…has become an absolute hit! You have those albums where after the first listen you have the knowledge that you will welcome one of the best discoveries of the year…”Another Day Singing The Blues “ is one of them…In our opinion true lovers of blues guitar will not hesitate, but must include this release in their collection…””

Luc Meert - Rootstime

““The Music, Lyrics, and Vocals of Granvil Poynter, on his new release "Another Day Singing The Blues", did nothing less than simply captivate me. An amazing Album from beginning to end, with the title Track being one of my favorites of the year.””

John Vermilyea - Blues Underground Network

"Granvil can wring the blues out of an electric guitar with a fervor that bespeaks influences like Stevie Ray and Eric Clapton, but it’s the voice that elicits the big question: Where in hell has this guy been all of these years?"

““I like the spirit of your performances…If you're going to work in the old styles, you have to be as good (or better) than the original masters… Right now, you're doing a nice job of recreating the spirit of those artists and recordings...””

““…Poynter’s debut CD, Another Day Singing the Blues, is long over due…. His voice is a hybrid of Lou Reed an Johnny Cash … and he proves to be a consummate bluesman…Granvil Poynter and the great musicians that were gathered together for this project should be proud of the work they have done. This is a very nice blues-inspired disk and I hope you get a chance to give it a listen.””

“Granvil Poynter Releases the Album "Another Day Singing Blues " May 02 2013”

“Just checking out some of the tracks on your website...great vibe, raw yet refined and you can feel the Texas heat coming off of your music. ”

Phillip Lenz - Fan and Bassman

“Great Show yall put on at sunset station!!!!! one of the best shows I've seen..THANKS”

Henry Commons - Moonlight

“Oh, SWEET NEEEEEEEEEEELLY, I LOVE YOUR STUFF! And YES, this calls for ALL CAPS!!! I loooooooooove me some blues, and you sure can sang 'em!”

Rebecca Hunt - Jazz Singer

“Granvil Poynter-finalist in Eric Clapton"s Crossroads Contest 2010”

“You Guys Know How to Do The Real Stuff !!”

Leland Parks - Maggie Mays Blue Monday

“You Make A Bad Day into Good!!”

Nate - Fan at Show