Government Cheese / Press

"Thanks for the new (old) music and the GREAT MEMORIES. I'll be doing everything I can to be in Louisville [on Aug. 27, 2011]. Government Cheese was THE 'ONLY BAND THAT MATTERED.'"

A Fan - Woodridge, IL

"...Bought it immediately. Man, is it ever GREAT TO HEAR YOUR AWESOME SONGS again after all these years! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

A Fan via Facebook - Baltimore, MD

“RETROACTIVE CHEESE: New 2-disc anthology celebrates legacy of Kentucky post-punk band - "[GOVERNMENT CHEESE] could be described as Kentucky's answer to The Beat Farmers from San Diego, with their mix of novelty songs and THREE-CHORD GUITAR-BASED SING-A-LONG ANTHEM NOISE, but maybe with a little more influence from The Replacements and the New York punk rock scene of the late 1970s."”

“Government Cheese RELIVES ITS GLORY DAYS (excerpt) "The Cheese signed with Nashville indie Reptile Records, garnered some college radio airplay and watched as 1987 single “Face to Face” made its way onto MTV but never found much in the way of mainstream success. When Womack wrote 1995’s Cheese Chronicles, a memoir about his time in the combo, he subtitled it “the true story of a rock ’n’ roll band you’ve never heard of.” Though Womack downplayed the band’s impact and instrumental acumen in his book, a newly issued, two-CD anthology called Government Cheese, 1985-1995 makes a case for the Cheese as an energetic and intriguing, Kentucky-warped composite of the Scorchers’ revved-up rock and R.E.M.’s elliptical pop."”

“Government Cheese - Hey Hey My My (excerpt) "Warner E Hodges...stayed there through a bunch of songs, even though Tommy played and sang with fire and fever the whole night. After an introduction from Athens’ very own William Orton Carlton (better known as Ort and more than a story on his own), they plowed through about thirty songs, including fan favorites Camping On Acid, Mammaw Drives the Bus, Fish Stick Day, and Tim Krekel’s (and Scorcher cover) Help There’s a Fire. Skot Willis still had the pipes and the moves of a lead singer that had his share of lingerie launched in his direction, Chris “Viva Las Vegas” Becker sneered and stalked the stage (often making sure Hodges was on the same page during songs), Billy Mack Hill played bass and sang with fervor and drummer Joe “Elvis” King pounded the skins as hard as one would expect from someone wearing a Led Zep t-shirt. "”

“CD Review: Government Cheese 1985-1995....... "This was a HIGH-ENERGY BAND, and so is the CD. But there’s so much more. You will hear the influence of a thousand bands in this music....The bottom line is that, as a collectible, YOU WILL NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS package. I should mention this is a two-CD, 43-track, digitally remastered disc set, so you will get your money’s worth."”

“Two reunions, a book and 25 years later, ALL GOVERNMENT CHEESE WANT TO DO IS ROCK The Cheese Incident (excerpt) "This past weekend we played the first of two reunion shows in Bowling Green. It was so great that I'm now questioning my whole singer-songwriter career. I want to get in a van right now and plug in my loud amp somewhere and bang my head and guzzle Metamucil while the two surviving remnants of my thinning Nixon widow's peak fly around like Wyatt Earp's moustache on the top of my head. I want to be young again, sling that Telecaster around and to hell with those two bulging discs in my lower back. Let's rock."”

"Speaking of the sonic quality, the BEEFY, BALLSY mastering of '1985-1995' gives The Cheese all the PUNCH, POWER and CLARITY their music deserves. It absolutely rocks (for example, Disc 2's version of "The Shrubbery's Dead" is the most aggressive, punched-up, METERS-TO-RED version of the song I've ever heard outside of their live show)."

"This is a great compilation of some of THE BEST PARTY MUSIC you could ever listen to."

"For those of you that are unfamiliar, GOVERNMENT CHEESE was one of Bowling Green's most popular bands of all time, conducting their reign of terror over a seven year period from 1985 to 1995, usually holding court at Picasso's or Michael's Pub and usually IN FRONT OF A FULL-HOUSE OF FROTHING, THRASHING FANS. They became a solid draw throughout the southeast and had several brushes with the big time, as hilariously documented in Tommy Womack's wonderful book: THE CHEESE CHRONICLES: The True Story of a Rock'n'Roll Band You've Never Heard Of."