Go Go Slow / Press

“Boasting members of Milwaukee noise-rock legends Fuckface, The Crusties, and Die Kreuzen frontman Dan Kubinski (on guitar), Go Go Slow offers a no-frills post-punk counterpoint to the individual band members’ nuked curriculum vitae. The foursome just dropped its first 7-inch, Timbo Tempo/Flamethrower Love in sync with Record Store Day. “Timbo Tempo,” the single’s one original cut, rides on drummer Paul New’s slanted battering, as Kubinski’s dirty riffing locks above. Meanwhile, vocalist Dave Szolwinski frantically wails over the top, at times howling through some demented vocal processing, making him resemble some kind of nightmarish, no-wave T-Pain (OK, I guess this technically counts as a “frill”). While the B-side is just a cover of the swaggering Dead Boys classic “Flamethrower Love,” “Timbo Tempo” has us on the hook for something longform from Go Go Slow, and hopefully this show will exhibit what kind of beautifully damaged goods they’ve been hacking away”

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