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“It is with deep regret we inform you that Gershwin Lake & Parables will not make an appearance at the 2014 Barbados Gospel Festival. While we have made every effort to be there, a family medical emergency occurred and has caused us to remain in Anguilla. Because of the severity and nature of the condition the medical personnel have advised no immediate travel as collectively we are seeking options to facilitate further treatment and recovery. As you would imagine this has been a soundly dealt blow to us as our commitment over the course of this years event were to be in one accord with you. It would be remiss of us if we did not assure you that we have discussed every feasible option but all have resulted ultimately in cancellation of our ministry appointment. We thank the Management, Staff and Friends of the Barbados Gospel Festival for the opportunity, understanding in this time and prayers. We also thank LIAT for their assistance in the cancellations of our travels.”

Ivan Connor - Barbados Gospel Fest Ministry Cancellation

“The Rifa Madness Show releases A Sense of Purpose : Gershwin Lake 2013. Gershwin and Dj Refa talk Gospel Reggae and his calling.”

“Brand New 2013 - Gershwin Lake & Parables "A Sense of Purpose" release on all radio stations in Dominica, Saturday 19th January 2013. 10:00am”

Gershwin Lake - Dominica Radio Release