Georgia Barry / Press

“'Her live performance is fairly unique in London, given that the amount of soul musicians touring various venues is very small, and her backing band really lift the performance aspect of her music. It’s this uniqueness that won her a place at OxJam festival last weekend and regular gigs throughout the capital. There are times when Georgia edges towards the 90s style of Mariah esque pop-princess before snapping back to the more powerful tones of some of her older influences. Overall it’s the power of her classically-trained voice that will make most audiences stand up and take note.'”

“'Despite this being Georgia Barry’s introduction to the UK scene she is no stranger to the music business. Her uncle was the bassist for the Sunny Jim Band who enjoyed much fame in the eighties throughout Europe. Georgia is based London and has attracted the attention of L.A producer Gavin Christopher who has written music for the likes of Chaka Khan and Grandmaster Flash. Currently working with Julian Chown (worked with Universal Music Publishing, Sony BMB & London records to name a few). Georgia’s honest song writing is given a real chance to stand out during a time when lyricism is often overlooked. The genuine emotion transferred from her notepad to the music booth is what impressed me the most with the talented rising star. And with the help of some of the mammoth names she’s been accredited to working with I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of the talented singer & songwriter.'”

“'Georgia Barry has already impressed industry experts with her soulful song-writing and elegant voice, despite having only recently announced the up-coming release of a debut EP. Influenced by some industry greats including Stevie Wonder, Alicia Keys Georgia has worked with producer Gavin Christopher, and take her twist on R&B Soul into venues across the capital.'”

“'Women That You Need' radiates an energetic, happy and soulful feel with a catchy tune, and resembles songs by other soul artists such as Joss Stone as Emilie Sande. Georgia’s songs are emotional, personal and honest, and her style is varied; from her R&B pop-style song, ‘Can’t say no’ to her slow love ballad, ‘Stay with me,’ Georgia proves that she can be flexible and versatile with any genre, whether that be R&B, pop, soul, dance or gospel.'”

“'Georgia Barry showcases elements of that all-important diversity that we crave in music nowadays and then, there’s also this intense strength that pushes her material to the forefront of soul music in the UK.'”

“'Georgia Barry is a talented, upcoming Singer / Songwriter from London. When we first checked out some of Georgia’s tracks on Song Revelation we were really impressed and were delighted, despite her incredibly hectic schedule, that she agreed to complete a feature interview. Read on to discover, amongst other things, which modern-day artists Georgia looks up to, what she’s hoping to achieve over the next 12 months and where her favourite holiday destination would be. Georgia Barry’s vocals and songwriting has a depth far beyond her years. We’re sure you’ll be hearing a lot more of Georgia’s name and her music throughout 2012 and beyond.'”

“'With a vocal ability that is simply breathtaking and energy that is electrifying, Georgia knows how to communicate with her audience. People who have seen her perform say she has a stage presence that is out of this world. She exudes charisma. Her voice is velvety, sweet, strong, angelic and full of soul and she is inimitable. As soon as she opens her mouth, you know it is Georgia! Her songs are personal and honest. They are underpinned by genuine emotion and indignation. She is so versatile, there are simply no limits to her ability as an artist so she is at home with various styles but essentially she is an upbeat R&B nightingale with an attitude. A real soul singer, one could coin her style ‘porcelain soul’. This stunning little woman sweeps the audience off its feet.'”

“'Georgia Barry has caught the attention of many with her velvet vocals, sexy and passionate stage presence, and her genuinely emotional performances. Georgia grew up in a musically talented family, with one of her uncle’s finding fame as the bass player for the Sunny Jim Band, and from a young age she always showed such potential for success. With the help of her musically renowned vocal coach David Lee Brewer , who has worked with the talented likes of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, EnVogue, H-Town and LeToya, she set off on the road to stardom. Georgia has already worked many stages and performed in front of audiences of up to 2000 people, giving her a thirst for the limelight she so truly deserves, and putting her in the sights of several Grammy award-winning producers, such as Gregory Curtis, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis,Kris Rahming and L.A. producer Gavin Christopher who has written for Chaka Khan, Grandmaster Flash, and many more.' ”