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“Alabama-born George Kilby, Jr. has been playing what he refers to as “rough-cut American music” for some thirty years, mainly in a burgeoning scene in New York City that encompasses and encourages everything from roots to rock to Delta blues. And, with the help of a few special guests, George utilizes that eclectic background to release his six-song EP, aptly-titled “Six Pack,” in which listeners will find songs that are borne of all his influences. His long-time band, The Road Dogs, also add the sonic depth to this set, and include Neil Thomas on accordion and keys, Arturo Baguer on bass, and Eric Halvorson on drums.”

Don & Sheryl's Blues Blog - George Kilby Jr "Six Pack"

““I’ve known George Kilby a long time. He was Americana before they invented the term! George’s long and great association with Pinetop Perkins, coupled with his huge catalog of original tunes makes him a living link to pre-rock ‘n’ roll America – all the while looking forward to what American music can really be.””

““The music of George Kilby Jr. & the Road Dogs is a melding of good old-fashioned country, blues, r&b, rockabilly and whatever else it takes to get the job done… it got my undivided attention and highest recommendation.””

““Kilby and Rodriguez-Seeger took turns at the microphone for the majority of the evening, showcasing their own work in a playful session of sharing…. Kilby enjoyed toying with us, moving from old fashioned rock and roll to a little bit of country and blues.””

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