Garry Peffer Music / Press

“Good songs! I love his voice. Meaningful lyrics. He touches your heart with his words.”

Mary B. - FB

“Sexy voice, lyrics are awesome. Good heart music with great lyrics, as well as the tune.”

Kayla B. - FB

“Sexy voice, love the lyrics to his music. Great songs!”

Krystal T. - FB

“Hits you in the heart with his lyrics. He has a great voice! Thank you for sharing. I would buy one of his cds when he comes out!”

Mary M. - FB

“Great voice, loved his lyrics. I would buy it!”

Fayne B. - FB

“Damn good voice! Loved all his songs and want more!”

Misty M. - FB

“Damn sexy voice! Love his voice, great songs!”

Kim Y. - FB

“Omg such a sexy voice! Goes right to your soul with his words, like hes singing part of my life!”

Meredity A. - FB

“Omg sexy voice, great music! I would buy his cds. When will he publish them for the public?”

Jaelynn W. - FB

“Sexy voice. I could listen to his music all day!”

Becky T. - FB

“Love his music, great voice!”

Brittany J - FB

“Great voice love his songs i would buy one of his cds!”

Cg Medville - FB

“The title track from Garry’s upcoming album, “The mourning after you”, has a refreshing retro sound, and I loved the mix. The lyrics flow really well, leading to the very ear friendly hook of the chorus and the double meaning of “The mourning after”. I can see this becoming a favorite on my MP3 player!”

Roger Perez - Southern Illinois Music Scene

"Garry, I listened to your CD, it was GREAT! You are on your way to a huge career! Number 3 was my favorite! You are very talented, keep God first and you'll continue to climb! :)"