Gangsta Nutt / Press

“q: what's the ticket on a ft.? i got a real seasoned vet of this west coast shit. a: what he sound like? cuz we don't fuck w/ any ole' type of cats, cuz we find a lot of nigga's try & sound like pac, & get us 2 try & validate 'em... a: naw, nothing like that. this cat is of that fabric, yet unique in his own way...let me send u a few tracks so that u could decide 4 urself... a: ( re: after reviewing the tracks) naw he dope... u right, he don't sound like pac... he got his own vibe... ”

YN - conversation w/ an outlaw/official

“Hot shit fam fam..”

Popsykle206 - Gangsta Nutt

“This shit go, what the games been missin...”

TheDglaze - Gangsta Nutt

“Once again Gangsta Nutt puttin it down for the 206...”

dolow41 - Gangsta Nutt

“...We are excited about the prospects of opportunity that the new material; coupled with the aggressive, yet, progressive media marketing scheme; currently presents themselves to Gangsta Nutt and the Center Stage Entertainment Group; all based on his body of work. He has proven that he is still a relevant and viable MC; as the "Town Vet". Along with the fact that he is just as relevant in other targeted demographics... We are confident that Gangsta Nutt's new mindset and focus is what is needed as an Artist; in terms of drive and commitment; originality; artful and seasoned. In doing the math; Viability = Longevity...”

Lovell (LV) Sykes... Personal Management/CSEGroup - Gangsta Nutt

“Double Odd- Back In The Business (present) Gangsta Nutt , Tasty T & Tre Blacc Double Odd- West Coast Livin (2000) Gangsta Nutt & Tasty T. Both MCs are pioneers in their own right; Gangsta Nutt & Tasty T are two of the towns Most seasoned veterans of the Seattle Underground Sound. Together, there body of work exemplifies that raw & uncut flavor that is the town. FREE TREY BLACK!!!”

The Center Stage Entertainment Group; - Double Odd