Gang of Thieves / Press

“Gang Of Thieves offer feisty, funky fun on Thunderfunk CD.....generous dollops of funky bass lines, danceable grooves, and fiery guitar gusto.”

“Thunderfunk shows the band to be a tightly coiled and well-oiled machine...it's a hard-partying island where a premium is placed on having fun. And that is something Gang of Thieves do exceedingly well.”

“they are ELECTRIC and the sound is highly contagious. I challenge you to listen to their music and see if you can resist dancing and head banging!”

“...definitely give them a listen and look out for Thunderfunk. Maybe you'll be blown away too and run into me at their upcoming record release show.”

“If there was a funk delivery service, Gang of Thieves would be at your door hooking you up.”

“Make friends with everyone: an interview with Gang of Thieves”

“Having toured and raged.... four years and three albums into a solid career for the rockers.”

“You know how Funkadelic kind of specializes in baby-making music?...Well, Gang of Thieves dips into that groovin’ baby-making sound...And you know what that means. That means without even thinking about it, you’re shaking whatever booty you got.”

“...they put on the type of live show at which even the most adamantly stand-still-with-arms-crossed folks in the crowd won’t be able to resist some sort of rhythmic movement”

“Their style is the kind that fits perfectly everywhere from a dirty basement party, to a club, to a concert hall. The high-energy music features a fast-paced rhythm section, quirky guitar riffs, and hip-hop-infused vocals.”

"unabashed, straight-up funk rock....these guys go all out, in an utterly un-ironic way"

“The band has great vibe on stage and they were a blast to photograph. Burlington definitely needs a band like this.”

“I still can’t figure out how a group of kids not yet old enough to drink can seem so influenced by the likes of Rage Against the Machine and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Did one of your older brothers grow up in the 1990s? And did we hang out?”

“Band Name of the Week: The Gang of Thieves.”

“If I could talk privately to Nectar’s for a sec: Check these guys out. You’re welcome. ”

“Zep had it. Pearl Jam had it. Soundgarden mastered it. Gang of Thieves carries on this somewhat forgotten tradition.”

“...whatever it is, the Gang Of Thieves approach it all with a smile, a laugh, and all in the name of rock n’ roll.”

"...Four of the best guys I know, playing the funkiest shit I have ever heard!.."