Galia Social / Press

“On the unsigned band’s recent demo, the tunes are jam-packed with syncopated beats, furious fills, and sumptuous accents – busy as hell but also kinda awesome.”

“Employing a unique structure that lacks a dedicated lead vocalist, the band passes the duties around throughout the songs, often times harmonizing the choruses. The results of the vocal trio are immense as it makes Galia sound bigger, deeper, and more in step as they trek through their songs. This approach clearly gives their new three song demo a sound all it’s own.”

“On the Rock charts, Galia Social have taken the #1 spot this week, and it's not that hard to hear why - their sound is extremely unique. A power trio offering three-part vocal harmonies (and the lead vocal spot is up for grabs) atop hard-charging riffs that bridge the gap between King's X and The Mars Volta, they're surprising and catchy; they really don't sound like anyone else on SMT at the moment.”