Fuze The Mc / Press

“Fuze is another artist you're probably sleeping on and it's a damn shame. We figured 5 songs would be enough to catch you up to speed.”

“Fuze consistently brings the heat with his latest release landing him on the "Heater of the Day"”

“Fuze The MC is an up-and-coming rapper from Atlanta, who intricately rhymes throughout his profound and more chilled out music.”

““I’m standing with the dopest nigga I’ve heard all year….and its July””

“Fuze is really one of the best up and coming rappers in the game who really shows the listener that he knows what he is doing with his music.”

“Fuze The MC goes dumb on a very serious Exile beat (No Greater Below The Heavens). Show love to …Fuze The MC…Hit him up at his official site… “Born In The Studio””

“Booth newcomer Fuze the MC‘s MySpace bio states that he was born and raised in the outskirts of Atlanta, where he honed his rap skills against the wishes of a hip-hop-unfriendly family. Pretty transparent cover story, no? In reality, of course, the up-and-comer is a mythically-powered being launched into the American South in a hastily-assembled spacecraft, and he’s made it his mission to introduce Earthlings to his home planet’s Super Music. On this cut off Fuze’s forthcoming debut LP, beatsmith Marcus Banks flips a sample from that instantly-recognizable Superman Theme (commonly credited to arranger Leon Klatzkin) into a majestically bangin’ backdrop for the rapper’s high-flying, punchline-laced braggadocio. With an uncanny knack for wordplay and an acrobatic flow, the currently-unsigned artist is a prime contender to soar to the top of the the rap game and net some stratospheric stacks along the way. ”