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"Friggen Awesome...like Pantera with bags on their heads!" From - FunGoneWrong Releases CRY ME A RIVER - Music Video

“Fans React to Revolver Editorial on FUNGONEWRONG! "Loud, obnoxious, crushing and angry - exactly the way music was meant to be! Great video!" "Revolver has the exclusive world-wide debut of the video right here right now. " "FUNGONEWRONG is gonna rule your world!FALL, KNEEL & WORSHIP"”

“When I was a kid my mom and I used to watch The Gong Show on Nick at Nite. So when I was asked last night by Fungonewrong's drummer, Buster Hymen, if I was familiar with The Unknown Comic, I was quick to say yes. Deriving their look from the legendary talent, Fungonewrong have been on a tear thru the STL music scene lately. Recently they took the crown in Pop's "Battle for Pointfest" shows and wound up with the opening slot on the side stage. Fungonewrong's sound, I think it's safe to say, is in the realm of groove metal, a sound defined primarily by the band Pantera in the 90's. The band's been around just as long really, and have ventured into different genres in their time (later in the set they dug into some punk). What's always existed in the band is a not-so-serious, humored approach - thus, the bagheads.”