FTW- Gideon Smith Tribute Album / Press

"It’s a testament to a man when bands come racing out of the wood-work, begging to be a part of a tribute album, and I’m sure that’s what happened when the news broke that this project was being born. Culling bands from across the US, Canada, and Europe, F.T.W. is an imaginative reworking of 17 classic tracks from the underground rock ‘n’ roll outlaw, Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned.For those who don’t know the name, Gideon Smith is a neo-legend of swaggering, tomb-bound, voodoo rock. Described as a rock star, a philosopher, a poet, a sage, and a writer, Gideon Smith is known to have some of the heaviest mojo outside of the Delta. And let me tell you, each of these bands attacks their assignment with ferocity and reverence.."-Racer, The Ripple Effect Blog, Nov.2010"

Racer - The Ripple Effect

"..Way too many songs to point out all the highlights, but it starts right off the bat with HK Family’s crunchy “Whiskey Devil” with one helluva fine mid-song reggae breakdown before jumping in the hearse for Barnburner’s death dirge of “Wishing Well.” Honky Tonk Hustlas bust out a Gothic Country rampage to “Breaking Hearts and Horses,” that just kicks serious denim and leather ass, while Red All Over surprise with a bouncy techno bop remaking of “Draggin’ the River,” that is just too good to believe.."

Racer - Ripple Effect

"..as on Dear Druid’s version of “Lay Me Down in Ecstasy.” With it’s hushed vocal, disembodied harmonies, and shockingly evocative melody, this may just be one of the most haunting songs I’ve heard all year. So beautiful, the first time I heard it it actually took my breath away.I know Gideon enough to know how humbled he must’ve been by this outpouring of love for his music. Forget those descriptors I used to describe him in the second paragraph, at his essence Gideon is an artist of vision and essence, but he’s also a man of the earth, a man of humility and honor. I’m sure he looked at this project as an unnecessary praise for his work, but I’m hearing it as a necessary addition to his legend. Good on ya, Gideon."

Racer - The Ripple Effect

"It's a rare man who is not only gifted but filled with some of the heaviest Mojo seen upside of the Delta . Rock and roll star, philosopher, poet, sage, writer and friend, Gideon Smith is the man and his music is the force that brings together a diverse group of musicians from Canada, the US and Europe who in spirit if not in soul pay testament to the down home, honest, raw southern rock that is Gideon Smith and the Dixie Damned."

Deanna St Croix - Stonerrockchick

“This compilation is proof that the saying "good things happen to good people" can be true. What else could motivate these musicians to get together and put their take on this essential and seminal musician but that emanating Mojo that goes with Gid like rock and roll goes with good buddies, wine, women, whiskey and song? It makes me proud to call Gid not only a friend but also one of the wisest, most balanced life travellers I have ever encountered. What a great job these bands did on capturing the many facets of Gideon Smith and laying down their interpretations of his amazing songs. Gid's star is a shining and this compilation acknowledges that star and bends it in ways that would make Gid proud. Love you Gid, love the songs and love that you are finally getting what you so deserve. That love light is shining on through. Break on through Mr. Mojo Rising! Thanks to the many musicians here! There is still rock solidarity!"”

Deanna St Croix - Stonerrockchick

"Altogether, here you will find seventeen bands/musicians from the USA, Europe and Canada, each with their own individual interpretation of a song from Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned. What particularly appealed to me is the fact that each artist has given his own personal touch to the songs. In this context, 'F.T.W.' covers a wide range of musical styles. 'My Darling Black Rose' has been given a special doom treatment by TREMBLE SAITH THY MASTER while HONKY TONK HUSTLAS have turned 'Breaking Hearts & Horses' into a powerful rockabilly song. One of my faves is DEAR DRUID's soulful version of 'Lay Me Down In Ecstasy', but I also dig WAY DOWN EAST, who injected a double dose of energy and heaviness into 'Karma Violation King'."

"One of the biggest surprises comes from DANNROS SYSTEMS OF ROMANCE. Their electronic version of 'Dionysus Child' could have been recorded in 1982 and reminds a bit on early Depeche Mode or Soft Cell. Even if I don't like each single cover version (it's no wonder with seventeen artists), I appreciate the fact that each contribution has its distinctive character. The eight page booklet is packed with lots of personal liner notes and the stunning cover artwork and layout (crafted by KhaosART) embodies the spirit and attitude of Gideon Smith's music. So if you're a fan of Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned, it's definitely a good idea to buy a copy of 'F.T.W.', because this is a great tribute compilation!" (K.Kleinowksi)