From the Embrace / Press

“This progressive band is exploding out of a state that is more recognized for its metal work in Ocala than its hometown of Tampa, FL. Endorsed by multiple equipment companies scattered throughout the southeast, the dudes are working on their first full-length album, due out in 2012, to follow up their two EP releases. I’d say these guys are for fans of Structures or The Black Dahlia Murder. Whether the sound perfectly aligns or not, it still has that “I’m going to stab you and I’m going to continue stabbing until someone tells me to stop” vibe. That is, they’re persistent through every song, and nothing is half-assed.”

"The Grind" starts off with a hypnotizing music box like intro to pull you in. Following the intro, you are ripped at the seams by "Discerning". "Discerning" comes at you with precise guitar playing and dead on drum rhythms. Vocals from Nick Marrero are gut wrenching and dominant, yet clear and understandable. "Fabrication" is the next song on the EP, with its fast rhythm and continued dominant vocals from Marrero. JT brings the song alive with his phenomenal guitar sweeps. The EP titled track "The Grind" is next, proving that FTE is a great blend of Progressive Metal. The 5th track on "The Grind" is a piano based outro, which is a great add to the mixture. The final song which is my personal favorite is "La Flama Blanca", getting its name from East Bound and Down. Franz from Attila appears on this track with guest vocals. "La Flama Blanca" is a pure masterpiece, all the way from the insane riffs to the vocals. Overall the structure of this song is incredible."

“Tampa boys From the Embrace put the show back on track with a set that put the crowd in a more receptive mood for the rest of the show. They were much more energetic and came off having way more experience than all the preceding acts. The guitarists are both absolutely phenomenal and the vocalist is somewhat different than most vocalist’s out there, creating a unique experience for the audience that proves why these boys seem have a decent following here in Central Florida.”

Metal Psalter