FreedomAndForgiven / Press

“ FreedomAndForgiven is a experimental electronic artist and is open about his story and struggle with Epilepsy. He is from St. Louis, MO. Visit his website for more music, his story and how he tries to instill hope in others. www.freedomandforgiven.net”

“FreedomAndForgiven sent me a couple of new pieces, one is more of a "trance" vibe and the other you can just "chill" too, he is also an electronic artist. He is living with epilepsy and if you want to learn more about his story, visit his website for his new video on the subject. Be sure to check out his newest creations.”

“Very cool music, love the energy!”

Jeff Harper - Mindcleaner

"I think what you do is amazing and wether you know it or not you give hope to kids that it is still posible to live your dream with this desiese. If you don't mind I would love to share your story to others."

“I find that to be refreshing and I appreciate the approach that you take to your music.”

“You have something that appeals to everyone”

"Love it! You're really handling that guitar!"