Frankie Colt / Press

“Today, the woman who seems to be the glue to our local music scene has released her EP Transmutation. Frankie has worked hard week in and week out planning shows, performing, and building up to this release. The EP is just another notch in her never ending career of creating art for the eyes and ears”

““Obviously, she’s very talented,” he says. “She’s a gifted songwriter and musician. And she has a lot of charisma, too.” He loves her rocking sound, too. “It’s not a departure,” Howl says. “It’s kind of like an evolution. She’s trying to push herself forward. “She has a trajectory. She’s on her way.””

““If people haven’t heard of her, they’re totally living under a rock!” says Andy Howl, co-owner of Howl Gallery/Tattoo in Fort Myers.”

“Frankie Colt and the 45's are one of the most exciting Folk bands in the country and play regular show's throughout Florida. While listening to them on reverbnation.com, I was struck by how moving the lyrics are. If this band continues to write new music and music well thought out lyrically speaking, they will quickly become a top selling band in the Folk Rock genre. If you love Folk music, you really need to give them a listen.”

“Frankie Colt & the 45’s bringing their Folk-grass Indie Pop sensibility to an eager audience that is quickly drawn to the stage. Frankie Colt’s recent addition of the “.45’s” brings a powerful full band sound playing a collection of covers and originals that provided a wonderfully upbeat vibe that complimented the hustle and bustle nature of this event. This being the lineups first appearance on a stage of this scale confirmed in everyones mind that Frankie Colt & the 45’s are bound for big things.”

“a class speaker who kicked off her heels before taking the stage. “I’ve been a singer/songwriter for seven years, and I was just inspired by graduation and going off into the real world,” said class speaker Frankie Pollom, who sang her speech. Pollom, 18, kicked off her shoes and tossed off her cap before grabbing her guitar and walking onto stage. While some of her classmates may have known she was performing, few knew the song, ‘Maybe’, was written especially for the event because “you don’t always know what you’re going to do.””