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“FBJr and other christian dubstep artists on vice.com. See the article here: http://shuffler.fm/tracks/blog:5076/1361206500-13612278969392/1510393”

“FBJr.'s Last Minute album available on iTunes! FBJr. (Francis Balogh Jr.) is a music producer, artist, and DJ from Budapest, Hungary. He started dealing with music composition as a teenager. Initially, he made hip-hop and rap bases, later his repertoire was widened by experimenting with other modern musical styles. He got acquainted with electronic music quite young, his most significant musical experience was the music of the well-known film, Chariots of fire. At the end of 1990s, he composed music for a nature film that presented the submarine plant life of the Maldives. Then he established his own experimental electronic performance in 2002, which served to be the basis for many successful concerts. The album Last Minute, contains 13 tracks and deploys different electronic genres, like dubstep or glitch hop, was made primarily for the younger generation, though anybody might revel in it. :)”

“My name is Francis Balogh Jr. I making different kind of electronic, (ambient, chillout, drum&bass, dubstep etc.) symphonic and experimental musics, remixes using synthesizers, samples, voices, acoustic and electronic instruments also. I creating musics for films, websites, tv-shows, presentations, events, and writing lots of songs for our band, and different artists. This Facebook page is for my own projects, so you can listen to my music, and hear about my activities here. I'm also a member and leader of a hungarian indie-elektro-rock band Electronic Gospel, and one of the music producers of the UpToFaith project. Bless! Francis Balogh Jr.”