For The Life Of Me / Press

““The band have released the blisteringly powerful opener “Eleven” as their first single, which also comes with a hauntingly beautiful lyric video portraying their hometown in all its past and present glory."”


"Portland, OR’s For The Life Of Me find themselves on their new EP, Closure, toeing the line between emotional expression and all-out meltdown. That’s the beauty in this band’s writing. They know how to push a song to its breaking point and when to reel it back in."


"The Portland, Oregon based four piece have a sound that’s their own, a genre-melding breath of life in a sometimes stale post-hardcore community. If you remember No Motiv (and you should, for heaven’s sake, remember No Motiv), I hear a lot of that band here, only played through the sort of experimental space-rock filter that made Hum such a cult favorite. If this is a sign of things to come, the future certainly seems bright in Portland. Ignore the fact that their name triggers painful Verve Pipe flashbacks; do yourself a favor and check them out."


"For The Life Of Me make a mark with their debut EP ‘Closure’. The varied influences are evident, taking the members' backgrounds and twisting them together to create a fresh rock sound. Most bands lack in quality with their first release but this certainly isn’t the case for this quartet, who have produced a strong set of tracks to piece together this debut."