“UP THE PUNKS: Forsaken Profits are slated to rattle some skulls at Jacks! There’s no reason 2015 should go out quietly. Join the masses in crusty camaraderie at Jack’s Pizza and Wings to usher out the year with a hearty chorus of “OI!” That the whole idea behind NYE PIZZA PUNK FEST, at least. The bill boasts a slew of loud, fast punk bands like Forsaken Profits, Sadistic Ritual, Poison Control, Rotten Stitches, and more. It’s a stacked bill paired with cheap, cold beer and good, cheesy (I mean … it’s a pizza place, guys) vibes. After all, it’s important to set the tone of a brand new year, yeah?”

Beca Grimm - Creative Loafing

"This album starts kicking you in the teeth and does not let up until all 13 tracks are done. The music consists of all the best parts of several genres of music. It's punk. It's rock n roll. It's metal. This is a band for today. From the politically charged lyrics to the genre busting music. It's a vocal onion, as in there are so many layers to it that at times I found myself having to read two lines of text at the same time. 'Never Taken Alive' is more rock'n'roll than Axle Rose's used condom filled with whiskey. This thing will definitely not leave you bored, but instead not minding if replay is on. 4/5 stars."

Chris Lee - GAD

“FORSAKEN PROFIT$, aggressive and putrid these motherfuckers will destroy everything you love and you'll still beg for more. Political, deep and silly as fuck they'll confuse and enthrall you, while having you mosh until you puke. Out of Atlanta, GA they keep the torch lit for amazing southern punk. Skumfucks for life, punks until they die these cats will fuck you up and keep you moving.”

Amber Hicks - Dingo and the Bear

“Blood Money, the latest album by Forsaken Profit$, makes you feel like you just rediscovered your juvenile delinquency. It is as if you want to take down the world while fighting for your dying freedom with every bone in your body. With rage-filled lyrics and fast music, each song on this album grabs your attention and reminds you why you love hardcore punk to begin with. Seeing Forsaken Profit$ live at the Rotten Stitches CD release show was a blast. Atlanta knows how to throw a good show and Forsaken Profit$ knows how to get a crowd going— they’d better come up and bring Hate City to Boston in the near future.”

“Right at this very moment the apocalypse is in motion . . . with the cataclysm transmogrifying life as you know it all around you, you are trying to save yourself from zombies, religious zealots, sinkholes, and cracks rending the earth’s surface — running with all your force and speed while trying to enjoy the last beer known to man. Trapped on a crossroads between the zealots and the zombies, you know you have to choose the way you want your life to end. Just as you are about to make a choice (thinking the zombies would be a more humane way to go), hell bursts through the cracks with an outburst of satisfyingly angry music. Deciding that hell has better music than either the zealots or zombies, you chug the last beer on earth and leap into the void to enjoy your new life in Hate City”

“good heavens! elements of rudimentary peni, aus rotten, anti-flag, filth... i love this”

Chuck Creasy Jr.

“Atlanta’s thrash-punkers Forsaken Profits have just released a new music video for their track “Assassin”, and you can check it out below. The song was taken off their June 4-track EP Blood Money, which was the group’s latest release”

“Atlanta’s thrash-punkers Forsaken Profits have released a video for “Tartarus” featuring footage of the revolution in Ukraine. You can check it out below (warning: disturbing/graphic images). The song comes off of their 2013 EP, which you can listen to here. The band has a new EP slated for release this spring.”

“Atlanta’s thrash-punkers Forsaken Profits have released a new video for their politically-charged track “Never Taken Alive.” The song is off of their upcoming release, “Blood Money,” which is due out in January of 2014.”

“Atlanta-based thrash punk band Forsaken Profits have debuted a couple new tracks for your earholes. They’re called “Great Escape” and “Nakkuruzu” and they round out the band’s forthcoming EP. Check them out here. Forsaken Profits’ new EP will be out in time for their hometown shows this weekend. Check out info here!”

“Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Forsaken Profits are ex-members of Heroin Bomb, Last Hope Down,The Loose Skrews,The Unacceptables and Convix of Society. Music that comes from the decaying souls of the ones who are fed up with the mundane and have the will to create a better world out of the ashes Consisting of Tyler Capehart, Clay Lloyd, Brian Emery, Davis Lloyd, Cody Z; Forsaken Profits deliver a nice dirty punk rock sound with their new single Politrix. These kids picked up a few lessons from good old fashioned thrash punk and put them to good use.”

“Atlanta thrash-punk band Forsaken Profits are streaming a demo for a new song called “Never Taken Alive” and you can check it out right here. Robert John Becker proclaims "can’t go wrong with thrash punk. and their name is really cool."”

“These kids are for real and they mean business. A single this solid can only mean that one hell of a full length is around the corner. Keep up the good work guys, and Make Atlanta Proud of ya.”

“Atlanta thrash-punk band Forsaken Profits have released a music video for their song “Politrix” and you can check it out right here. The song will appear on the band’s upcoming release “Blood Money.””

“Forsakin Profits - Politrix - New Video! From the upcoming album 'Blood Money' Punk/Trash band out of Atlanta, GA comprised of ex-members of The Loose Skrews, Heroin Bomb, Last Hope Down, The Unacceptables and Convix of Society; Tyler Capehart, Clay Lloyd, Brian Emery, Davis Lloyd, & Cody Z”