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“Forsaken have come up with a great sound. I will surely not deny the fact that when Thrash and Melody had intercourse, FORSAKEN was born. This is a great album for a great start. I would recommend you to give it a listen, you surely will love to headbang to it.”

“Melodic Thrasher's FORSAKEN are out with Debut Album 'Hemispheres'. You cant miss this \m/”

“Hemisphere is a great album which fans of the genre will defintly enjoy. They have shown a lot of potential which I am sure one day would lead them to great triumphs.”

“With Hemispheres, Forsaken as a band reeks of undeniable talent and its only a matter of time before they reach cult status.”

“HEMISPHERES is an insane album with 2 main reasons: 1. Band is totally committed to creating music which they love and dont seem to bother much about trends which most bands today are only worried about. 2. All their tracks have a very unique vibe to them and when they say they are "different" from other bands, its pretty much obvious in the melodies, grooves and song structure that they truly are UNIQUE. ”

“Forsaken is seriously a band that has a lot of talent and originality in their music. Each song is quite different from the other tingling your brain cells with thrash mixed with melody. Rating: 8.5/10”

“Forsaken is a group that has always clenched its beak into the roots of melodic thrash metal, while bringing a significant amount of variety that takes them beyond creating merely one type of music.”

“Hemispheres is a BIG hit which makes listeners say 'We want more'. Forsaken have improved much upon their skills and if they kept it going it wont be hard for them to be hit worldwide with better platforms. Strictly Recommended”

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“Hemispheres is full of powerful bass, insane vocals, fast shredding with thundering solo's, intriguing keyboard melodies and eclectic drumming. A strong full length debut by Forsaken with lot of diverse sounds packed into it.”

“Hemispheres is an album that exceeds expectations. Forsaken has yet again churned out a kick-ass album, undoubtedly their best work till date!”

“Bangalore own Metal attack Forsaken out with mind-blowing debut album HEMISPHERES. Strictly Recommended”

“Forsaken out with their Debut Album HEMISPHERES. Go grab this insane album \m/”

“Forsaken song "DesolateD Dreams" is now officially part of Brutal Bengal Armageddon Compilation Vol. 1 featuring the best bands from East India.”

“Hemispheres has nice catchy hooks, which I think is essential in songwriting. Very well done with that.”

Manek D'Silva - Slain

“Forsaken "DesolateD Dreams" has been featured on Unholy Maunder Indian Rock/Metal Volume 1 featuring 30 Bands from India and 5 International Bands.”

“Forsaken have a really good sense of melody. Really good melodic passages and the vocals are very good as well. Fairly unique style compared to other Indian bands - reminds me of a good mix of Amorphis and early Moonspell.”

“Forsaken interview with North East Metal Portal "Unholy Maunder"”

“Escalating moods of the soul and brave ambience is what defines DISENGAGE. Its an another stepping stone and their experiments in future would take you by surprise surely.”

“Disengage[EP] has that element of surprise which i liked the most. The keyboards, vocals, bass, drums & specially the impressive riffs & solos all shout about your expert musicianship. A typical 80's Metal album and another inevitable proof that Indian bands are taking their music forward”

“Disengage[EP] is pretty much thrashy yet filled with poly rhythmic guitar tunes, strong & creative drumming & synth works. Rating 8.5/10”

“Forsaken Debut EP "Disengage" is out. Download Now”

“Forsaken set to rock Palace Ground for International Wine Festival”

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“MY FATE will be included in MixTape INDIA Volume 4 Compilation Album.”


“A totally different vibe from the other Metal bands with a touch of 80's score. The skill of using minimal style of keyboard is way different than what other bands do with keys.”

Chris Willcocks - Crash TV

“The newest metal sensation in town, FORSAKEN, is here to create havoc and they are sending warning loud and clear.”

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