“FOLLOWER, Congratulations! We have accepted your submission to Nominees for 2014 International Music and Entertainment Association Awards - Album of the Year - Thanks, International Music and Entertainment Association, Inc.”

“FOLLOWER's CD ("New Again") really starts out like a ballad and then gets the rock going. This disc really grabbed my attention and made me focus on God. The lyrics are not shy about what they believe in and how we should act as Christians. The song "Get Out Of The Building" explains that going to Church is not the only thing we need to do. It tells us that we need to get out and plant seeds. The song "Celebrate The Life (The Funeral Song)" is not what I expected. I thought it would be a sad song but instead it was more joyous. It made me notice how funerals are sad but at the same time we are celebrating the life of someone. The CD is a great mixture between soft and hard tracks. You can rock out and get your worship on. The vocals are great and it has good instrumentation. I must say that I became a fan of theirs and can not wait to see what they are going to do next. ”

“I had the pleasure of listening to Follower's latest tracks on ReverbNation. I really liked the style, flavor and message. Quality music! ”

C.F. Jackson - LinkedIn

“Wow... Great stuff and very powerful. I am impressed. From a sonic standpoint you guys are really well positioned. I don't think I have EVER heard a Christian rock band with the ferocity you are capable of... well, perhaps ferocity isn't the right word... Energy? Power?”

“LIving Waters loves what Follower has done with "Where the Water Flows" (and NOT just because of the verbal coincidence!); Using a line from the traditional song to build an aching, evocative call from the Heart of Mercy, dressed in the best rock raiment, this is the best kind of human expression. Classical pieces will often do a similar thing and I think THIS is a classic....”

Living Waters band - Reverbnation.com

“I can honestly say this is one of the most refreshing bands I’ve come across in a long time. Awesome songs, even more awesome lyrics, and diverse enough to reach anyone’s taste in Worship music. I expect this band to do something great for God. They are doing it already. We need more bands and music like this for a sleeping America and a lost world. ”

“They sound great and they mean every word they are singing and every note they are playing”

“It baffles me as to why artists such as Follower remain unsigned. 'Cold World Disturbance' has all the hallmarks that fans of Christian melodic rock and AOR will enjoy: dreamy catchy hook laden songs, without ramming a message down our throats, and even then it's done in a fun way. All tracks are varied, easily addictive colorful numbers such as the excellent melodic 'I Know I'm Alive', the catchy 'The Enemy Revealed', the awesome 'If It's Not from You Lord'. This track is very melodic with a slight Americana feel, I just love this song; acoustic and Americana in feel. It is singer Dean Rebhorn who steals the show on this track, he comes across brilliantly: summery in feel, simple and very catchy. 'Get Outside the Building' rocks things up with tasty Vai-like guitar work from Jeff Martin. Musically it's all here in 'Cold World Disturbance'. Watch out for Follower, one to look out for in the future and a band who play with purity and style - a rare thing, Follower have that spark. ”

Nicky Balrian - Fireworks Magazine, UK

“Just so you know Dean. I think this ("I Know I'm Alive") just became one of my favorite songs. This track is Awesome!!!”

“Just checked out some more of your music. Excellent sound. Great lyrics. Excellent musicianship. Really heavy rock. One of the best sounding bands I've heard in awhile. Probably the best original/local band for sure. It's ashamed some people are put off by the fact that you're a christian band and won't give you a chance. Their loss. You won me over with the first song I heard and that's not easy to do. Most bands all sound the same to me. You're way above the rest. Headed for fame guys. This is the kind of stuff that could get me back in church on Sundays. ”

“Great anointed music. Keep up the calling of Psalmist that God has placed upon you.”

Rock Rio Studio - www.reverbnation.com

“After listening to (FOLLOWER's "Cold World Disturbance") for a couple of days, I have to say that they're strong in their beliefs and it shows through the lyrics. In addition to that the music is great! There are so many influences!! I can't list them all but I did hear some WhiteHeart, B-52's (harmonizing), R.E.M. and so much more! This album has a lot of classic rock influence from the 70's and 80's . These guys are from Indiana and I personally know that Indiana has a strong music scene made up of all genres. I can see these guys going a long way with this band. I really enjoyed the lead guitar parts in all of the songs. It's good to hear a great lead in a song, so many bands don't have guitar leads in their songs and it kind of makes the song barren. Not these guys! They do it right! Great guitar leads all over the album. All in all, this is a must have for believers and unbelievers alike. To me this would be a great witnessing tool ! Album Reviews, Facebook.com”

“I have been doing critiques for producers, publishers, and A&R people for awhile. This is my honest assessment: I was really blown away by the talent you and your group has. The music, the vocals and yes the lyrics are excellent. Let me assure you from listening to so many in recording sessions....I know the ' magic ' when I hear it and you guys have it. I would not be surprised to see you guys at the Grammys and Dove awards very soon.”

David Emerson Robertson - Testimony

"Sometimes you get what you pay for. With you (FOLLOWER) I got more." Randy Middleton BGUMC concert coordinator for Rock the Barn event. 7/16/2011