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“Post-Punk/Psychedelic influenced Flowers in Flames reach new heights as their featured track "Chameleon" inflames WiFi PR Group’s digital mixtape, Indie Anthems Vol. 7, released at Pitchfork Music Festival and Lollapalooza. Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/08/2014 -- Fans of The Cure, Joy Division, Interpol, Editors will find Flowers in Flames compelling and a surefire way to find a new favorite in an up-and-coming independent group. They’ve gained even more traction internationally than back at home, having their latest EP, Everything and Nothing, peak at No. 8 on the European alternative charts. Flowers in Flames' frontperson Cynthia Dimitroff says, “We have taken a Post-Punk foundation and given it a cutting edge sound for today." Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/2111752#ixzz3A6E30Y2v”

“‘Chameleon’ bristles with a guitar onslaught and angry drums, pushing forward with a bass firewall behind them. The vocal have to struggle somewhat to compete until they dip and roll through the chorus. It’s a tense affair but with a resilient melodic heart. The vocals hover beautifully in the dusk of the roving ‘Daylight’ with a gentle drum patter in a formal, enclosed setting, everything neat and trimly moody. Synth swells mark the opening of ‘Without Pity’ then they pause, and a naughty guitar snakes off as they glide hotly with vocals ascending, guitar all a tangle, drums flashing, bass whirling. Delightful, really. ‘White Chapel’, the sort of place Jack The Ripper used to like hanging around, has a darker sound, the air gathering timidly around the bravely burning vocal. Noisy succulence from a band embracing the Post-Punk spirit with just the right balance between tunes and a torrid tonic.”

"FIF's sonic soup can generally be distilled as Concrete Blonde by way of early Catherine Wheel, but even the latter couldn't produce anything quite as gauzy and hypnotic as "Chameleon," an opaque maelstrom of echoing guitar squalls and swells of keyboards. "Without Pity" plays a likeminded grandiose card, eliciting the urge to inquire if there's more where this engulfing, foursonger came from."

“Flowers in Flames is a four-piece out of Cleveland, OH whose first album was mixed by a Guided By Voices Alumni. While described as post-punk, and it certainly is that, I find strong undercurrents of numerous early Punk influences as well as strong hints of dark 80s and Goth mixed throughout. I haven't quiet placed it but the instrumentation is certainly reminiscent of those genres. The vocals are either British punk influenced or the members come by it naturally. Flowers in Flames, like most music and artists that intrigue me to listen more deeply, is difficult to categorize. Certainly, they are receiving some airplay at the college level, but I have serious doubts that commercial radio exists with a pulse, a personality, or even the cajones to play something this good and this original.”

"Everything and Nothing grants aggressive moments but cannot do without the bright melodies to deliver charm to the disc."

"Flowers In Flames' [new EP] cracked the European Alternative Charts when it came out at the end of the year. It's easy to hear why it would connect with a Euro fan base."

"Flowers In Flames is a band from Cleveland, Ohio (USA); they have some unique combination of musical styles, going from Gothic Rock, Post Punk, a pinch of Death Rock, and… Psychedelia. Here we have male and female voices and they have been well placed in the songs; depending of the mood and the atmosphere in them."

"One easily identifies influences but we must recognize that the Group has a unique and very personal way to assemble them to create something unique. I hope that these four pieces are pathfinders for a new album because if this is the case, we will be spoiled."

"Everything and Nothing is already international as it was released digitally on the Parisian “Post-Punk and Dark Indie” label Zorch Factory Records and distributed by the German-based AFMusic. In Europe, where the post-punk/darkwave sound largely originated, the EP has spent nine weeks on the European alternative charts, peaking at No. 8 and still holding in the top 20."

"Their new EP "Everything and Nothing" has been making noise on the European Alternative Charts peaking at Number 8."

"An excellent alternation between moods, a seesaw that gives "Everything and Nothing" a worthy debut."

"Flowers in Flames new EP-Everything and Nothing.Spirited guitar, a driving bass and a comfortable song voice united with trampling drums yield a sound that pulls the listener immediately into an entirely new world. Flowers In Flames offers its entirely own interpretation of such bands as Joy Division or The Cure, mixed with modern elements."

“...strikingly imaginative, colourful, energetic and at times a melodic emetic when things get gritty.To mash together what they wanted, strain out the grot and leave us with pure, bitter delight is a recipe for intrigue, as you can soon imagine you’ve been listening to these songs for years....as a whole it’s brilliant."”

"Flowers In Flames hit the U.S. last year and is slowly but surely a building a reputation in Europe. A breakthrough in Europe seems a matter of (little) time."

"From Ohio comes a post-punk melange of dark psychedelia and goth rock pulsing with tribal rhythms and dripping with reverb. "Shawdows and Darkness" and "All The Glitter" have the spastic creeping specs of Christian Death and the rich, textured guitars of The Chameleons, while "Introspection" skates across the icier side of funk. There is compelling material to be mined here."

Jack Rabid - The Big Takeover: Issue 64 - New York City, NY

“Flowers in Flames is mentioned in Mick Mercer’s new book, Music to Die For, published 2009 by Cherry Red Books, London, UK.”

Mick Mercer - Music to Die For

““The band recorded a very good, thoughtful in every way, album that sounds very fresh and original. The disc has been in my player a long time, and I often go back to it - this is perhaps the best recommendation.””

"The Flowers in Flames LP shows the ends of the production's means, delivering ten dark anthems. Excitement looms within the music of Flowers in Flames, along with their performances and in the personal happenings of the band."

Adam Spektor - The Observer; Case Western Reserve University - Cleveland, OH

"Track Picks: "Third Wave," "All the Glitter," "Cursed With A Flame," "Stare At The Stars". Lowdown: Something that isn't commonplace. Experimentally distorted guitar lines, hollow backing vocal chants and groovy The Smiths' attitude bring this four member band's debut album to the forefront.The shared vocals and lyrics of Cynthia Dimitroff and David Chavez make the band stand out. Chavez conjures up David Bowie's familiar gloomy British accent, while Dimitroff reinvents Siouxsie Sioux's harrowing doom tones. A band prepared to take listeners on a newfangled ride.”

"... it is clear that Flowers In Flames music will play a huge part in today's music-obsessed society. Don't get the wrong idea though, Flowers In Flames style isn't completely Cure-esque. In fact, their sound is impossible to put into one category. Though there are certain parts in their demo that sound reminiscent of the legendary band, Flowers In Flames' sound is unique."

Amber Evans - The Buchtelite; University of Akron - Akron, OH

"Songs such as Introspection recall Siouxsie Sioux (if she was a better singer) and on Last Days it reaches back further into Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie."

Malcolm Abram - Akron Beacon Journal - Akron, OH

"...the music is something fresh and new, a break from the endless stream of local bands cranking out carbon copies of each other, which is why we (we meaning I) chose to sit down with Dave, one of the guitarists and vocalists of the group to see what he had to say about everything from the uniqueness of the band to David Bowie."

Alexis Spencer - The Cauldron Review; Cleveland State University - Cleveland, Ohio

"All the compositions have the unreflectable beauty of decadence and romanticism, combined with pre- and post-punky energy at once."

" 'Introspection' begins in a natural way and fluid, a little in the line of Mephisto Walz, with deep feminine vocals deathrock guitars, something dark but equally appeasing. The quietness impression breaks itself sudden on the explosion of the effective and delightful riff of 'Shadows and Darkness' and the quicker beats. The mixture is not also against nature as it there could appear and gives originality to the disc. On the whole, the titles are effective, the group has a common sense of the melody and does the things to this manner, even if influences are evident. Furthermore, the production rather direct, does not too smooth, adds to the charm according to me. Alas a little runs, this first essay is promising and rather enticing in its nuance games between total darkness and more melancholic brightness, see almost appeased."

"Bewitching melodies…a good group that shows good quality…succeeds with originality and incisiveness now missing in certain musical beaches."

Ottavio Nail - Herz Und Geist 'Zine: No. 8 - Italy/Germany

" 'Flowers In Flames' is the debut album from little-known Ohio band Flowers In Flames. Their sound is a combination of post punk, goth and psychedelia. Tracks like “Introspection” combine electro loops with the kind of torturous ambience that would make fat Bob smile, while “Cursed With A Flame” harks back to early year Misfits. Listing Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure and Bowie as influences, ['Flowers In Flames'] provides ten tracks of sonic bliss.”

Faye Lewis - SoundSphere Magazine - York, UK

"With their self-titled debut, Flowers in Flames brings back an '80s post-punk sound. There's a definite Cure sound on this goth/psychedelic band's album, most prominently on "Third Wave." Cynthia Dimitroff's vocals give the song a theatrical feel. The best tracks, "Last Days" and "Golden Town," are futuristic-sounding songs that suggest an influence from David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust days."

Erika Schramm - Scene Magazine: Vol. 1, Issue 19 - Cleveland, Ohio

"Jagged, postpunk rhythms meet shimmering guitars and atmospheric keyboards in chord progressions that move logically but never quite seem to resolve. The forceful vocal thrust of guitarist David Chavez contrasts with the more sonorous tones of keyboardist Cynthia Dimitroff, giving the proceedings a he said/she said timbre. Flowers in Flames, as their name might suggest, really take the harsh/soothing, claws/caresses, yin/yang aspects to heart, resulting in an album more interesting and engaging than any A Flock of Seagulls wannabe could ever possibly make. Bravo."

"...fortunately, Flowers in Flames are not found in the commonplace. They’re refreshing and not cliche. Flowers in Flames are a new four piece hailing from northeast Ohio and playing music that, quite frankly, isn’t heard too often these days. With their self-titled debut, mixed by Todd Tobias of Guided by Voices fame, Flowers in Flames fuse the sound of eighties Factory and 4AD labels with newer shoegaze. Female and male vocals flow over melodic rhythms and sonic bliss. Bobby Flay’s recipe for Flowers in Flames may look something like this: 1/2 cup of early 4AD like Cocteau Twins and X-Mal Deutschland; cup of Seventeen Seconds; cup of early Banshees; cup of Factory bands such as The Wake and Crispy Ambulance; 1tbsp of shoegaze acts Skywave or Alcian Blue and a dash of Psychocandy. Mix ingredients and play for 37 minutes. Mighty tasty!"

Justin Kyer - Skyscraper Magazine: Issue 30 - New York City, NY