Floating Worlds / Press

“Next in line were Floating Worlds with their “soundtrack metal” as they call it.I was really surprised to find out that these guys were formed back in 1998 and after many twists and turns,they stand before us with two albums on their backs; “Only A Dream, Can Kill A Dream” and last year’s “Below The Sea Of Light“.Floating Worlds opened their set with “Only A Dream…”,the instrumental intro of their debut.Their heavy metal,infused with progressive and symphonic elements,was spot on for the night.They continued with more songs taken from both their albums,and with the improved sound we could enjoy their powerful compositions.But our attention drew the singer,J Soti,with his amazing vocals.Man!His highs were great!The highlight of their set was definitely “Amyrah”,from “BTSOL”,and of course their final act.Floating Worlds ended their set with a great rendition of “The Evil That Men Do”! Thumbs up guys!!!”

“The band is playing a mixture of Power Metal and Progressive, often letting each side dominate the other and this gives a multilayered album, that has always something to give and things to discover. Melody is more important here than style, and the band always searches for the perfect melodies to include into each song, something that I think elevates their music to another level. It's really hard not to like this album, or find things that are not worked to the last detail. With arrangements that sometimes catch you by surprise, without limit themselves in forms, and with performance that sometimes brings you goosebumps, this is a release you should check out.”

“Musically speaking, Floating Worlds belong to the melodic prog/power scene. From my perspective, though, this quintet is in a constant quest for the pure melody in order to deliver only the best possible stuff! And this is exactly the way that this band should be approached by the potential listener: like an outfit that’s not secluded by the boundaries of a single genre. In a phrase, Floating Worlds aims towards all those who are into melodic music regardless the genre. And this alone should make everyone check this band out on www.floatingworlds.gr Highlight: The two instrumental tracks that open and close the album (“Garden of Souls” and “Revenge”, respectively) paint a quite representative picture of the undisputed talent of Floating Worlds.”

“Review: www.rockway.gr Reviewed by: Fotis Meletis Outstanding, is Floating World’s demo cd!!! Their adventure begins in 1998. Andreas V. is the band’s main man, and responsible for the composition and writing, of all the songs and lyrics, in their demo, entitled: “Only A Dream, Can kill A Dream…” The melodies in the whole album, are exceptional, and songs like: “Gate Of Hell”, “Goodbye” which reminds us Gary Moore, “I Believe” and “The Place”, are evidence that “Floating Worlds”, is a gifted band. The musicians, who performed on the demo, are playing really well, the guitar is of course, in the foreground, and the final outcome, satisfies completely, the fans of melodic metal. We should mention of course, the elements of soundtrack music that are really obvious, in the band’s music. We expect with great impatience, the band’s first news from the music industry…”