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“SHOW REVIEW: SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015 Drew Gibson - Flo Anito -- Iota - May 30 2015 Flo Anito - This is my first listening to this local talent and talent is certainly the operative word here. It is a stark approach with just her voice which she accompanies with her fine piano skills and her more rudimentary, but effective acoustic guitar chops. Her songs are folky with lounge elements and offer a variety of emotional depths. Her speaking voice is on the cute side, but when she takes to song she merges that with a bluesier style that ends up somewhere in between Karen Dalton and Susan Tyrell. She plays well, especially in adding to the dynamics of the required intensities to her son. But it's the voice that is keeping this crowd riveted to this set. Great job.”

“The arts collide at the Atlas Intersections Festival By Sadie Dingfelder February 19 Purists beware. Few of the 120-plus dance, theater and music events at the sixth annual Atlas Intersections Festival fit neatly into a single category. (Full disclosure: The Washington Post is a festival sponsor.) Classical quartets throw in banjo or beat-boxing. Opera collides with improv comedy. Ballet dancers gyrate to hip-hop tunes. To help you make sense of it all, we present the handy diagram above. (Flo Anito Pop/Jazz overlap in Venn diagram) Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St. NE; Fri. through March 7. Classically trained pianist Flo Anito writes upbeat pop music with a jazzy vibe.”

“Before she headlines the Strathmore next Wed, we reviewed @floanito's track "Work!". Take a look and listen: Singer/Songwriter Flo Anito creates the perfect balance of piano jazz, heartbreaking but memorable lyrics (“He says it’s too much drama/I’ll never be happy, I’ll never be good enough”) and strong pop melodies. Anito refines all three talents on her track “Work!” from her album No Dustbunnies (released May ’08). The arrangement itself is distinguishing, mixing bubbly piano chords and a subtle string section, with Anito topping it off with her robust and brazen vocals. Her gifts of an artist really come together here, turning a song about breaking up into a delightful gem. ”

“the judges stopped her and asked, "Can you play something upbeat and that we are familiar with?" A pause and a visible racking of the brain followed. A few seconds later, Anito launched into a cover of Blues Traveler's "Run-Around," to the obvious delight of her auditors. ”

“Flo Anito’s got a step-up when compared to her fellow singer-songwriters in the District. She has an official music video for her song “Uh Oh,” which is already getting press in the LA Examiner and DC’s On Tap Magazine. The video, shot in-town at the Capital City Diner, is just one of many bragging rights this girl’s got on her musical resume. After a live audition, Anito was selected for the 2010 Artist Roster at the world renowned Strathmore Music Hall. “Uh Oh” was also one of five finalists in Cosmo Radio’s Breaking the Band Contest, which won Anito an on-air interview and a song spin on Sirius Satellite Radio. Anito is an established name in a vocal community of District performance artists. She encourages her musical counterparts and took the time to share her stories and experiences with the We Love DC audience.”

“Flo continues to speak from the heart http://www.examiner.com/music-in-los-angeles/flo-anito-speaks-from-the-heart here on Los Angeles, Wesleyan, jazz legend Anthony Braxton and more while relaying some good vibrations. ”

“Los Angeles is a complex series of sub-cultures. So is the internet. The audacity of the music business' social network is one that seems to make intuitive sense to many musicians, who jam on the ever increasing reach, enabling self-aware artists like Flo Anito http://www.examiner.com/music-in-los-angeles/flo-wins-talks-francisco-film to build consciously on the inspiration of pioneer Ani DiFranco's bold independence while utilizing the resources now available. (more at URL)”

“See URL for interview”

“Flo Anito won the contest (not a Seinfeld reference)- approx twice as many votes all the others combined!! She expresses appreciation to all her fans and that includes those who voted upon reading part I of the interview. http://www.examiner.com/music-in-los-angeles/fantastic-flo-anito-interview She discusses her video here: More at URL”

“Simply put, Flo Anito rocks the way a singer-songwriter should rock. Plus, fans are fanatically sending this LA Examiner their rare bootlegs of incredible Ani DiFranco and Radiohead covers by awesome Anito. Meanwhile, her more well-known original performances are earning huge accolades from Silver Lake, LA to Middletown, CT and everywhere in between. Francisco Campos-Lopez, http://www.facebook.com/iamcamposlopez whose videos take the genre to another level, raves about Flo’s greatness and her music is earning votes of confidence everywhere. Here, Flo acknowledges the urgency of voting for her upon her nomination with just 48 hrs to go, her continued blossoming, and upcoming festivals. More at url”

“Welcome to the THIRTEENTH edition of FEMMEBOX on WomensRadio! This still somewhat brand-new weekly feature showcases music videos, live performances, remixes, cover songs, movie trailers and tour diaries from the week’s HOTTEST Independent Female Musicians (and some big names as well). Flo Anito: Uh-Oh! – Lip gloss and bow ties. Coffee pots and waitressing. Flo’s a busy woman, no doubt but it’s certainly no excuse for spilling coffee on paying customers, which is exactly what takes place in the video for “Uh-Oh!”. While Anito may not play the most dexterous role as a waitress, her vocal abilities and choice in men make up for any lack of commitment found early on in the video and viewers are left craving more of that honey graham voice of hers laid ever so comfortably over rustic Americana grooves.”

“The ninth week of 2011 sees forty different artists’ CDs, MP3’s, WAV and FLAC files reaching our desks here at the WomensRadio studios. Contained within this mountain of music are some of 2011’s greatest finds to-date. There’s so much quality music on our desks this week that we couldn’t let our readers leave without mentioning artists like Sussan Deyhim, Flo Anito, Emma Hill and Her Gentlemen Callers and Melissa Li & the Barely Theirs … they’ve all been WomensRadio-tested and pre-approved for transmission.”

““I found four talented singers/bands that I really wanted to work with via MySpace. My searches uncovered Alexis George, Flo Anito, Practically Einstein and Modern Thieves (formerly Politicks). I saw something unusual and special in each one of these artists.” Alexis George and Flo Anito, who are not just fellow musicians, but also friends, remember their first interaction with Campos-Lopez. “He sent me a message on MySpace about a music video. I was thinking ‘this guy can’t be serious,’” recalls George. “But then I spoke with Flo, who had also been contacted by Francisco, and she encouraged me to drop my skepticism.” Anito, who recently completed a Campos-Lopez video for her song “Uh-Oh” said, “I checked out his electronic press kit and his reels and was blown away. He clearly knows how to capture light and color in a way that flatters the subject. How could I say ‘no’?” ”

“Rising Star Flo Anito: Classically trained in voice, piano, and cello, Flo Anito began her singer/songwriter career at 16 when she got her hands on her first guitar.... see more at url”

“Month's ago, Flo Anito graced the headline banner of DC Deli's site as Artist of the Month. She had just debuted a music video off her latest album "No Dust Bunnies", and as of June 1, that video has recieved the grand prize in Ourstage's Video Finals. Our intern Jessie caught up with her to find out her musical origins, performing at DC memorials, and how she found Rod Stewart. Full interview here... (click link for interview)”

“Interview with Femail.com.au, an Australina based webzine. click link for interview!”

“Wesleyan University alum Flo Anito’s many Los Angeles fans are voting in excitement as she is one of five finalists in a major contest. The contest is entitled "Cosmo Radio Breaks the Band with Cocktails with Patrick." Cosmo is a Sirius (satellite) Radio station and "Cocktails with Patrick" is the title of one of the daily programs. Flo explains, "I found out about the contest via one of my Facebook friends and submitted my song 'Uh Oh.' I'm not sure how many entries there were to begin with…" but there’s been probably more than 100. Flo excitedly exclaims, "I found out a few days ago that 'Uh Oh' was selected for the final 5!" Flo just finished a music video directed by Francisco Campos-Lopez for the song. To vote is as simple as 1-2-3: 1) go to sirius.com/cosmoradio 2) click on the Flo radio button, and 3) click vote! Flo expresses appreciation for her loyal and rapidly growing numbers of supporters and gratitude that "the timing couldn’t be better."”

“Washington, D.C. musician Flo Anito took the stage with her guitar, keyboard, drummer Jeff Goodwin and bassist Brian Waitzman in Silver Spring,Md. on July 22. While most of the crowd appeared wilted on what was possibly the hottest day of the summer, Flo’s buoyant melodies were bright and crisp. The show was the latest of the Friday Live! Series at the shopping center in Downtown Silver Spring. For most of the summer, the outdoor shopping center hosts free concerts on Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. For two hours, Flo sang original and cover songs. Self-described as ‘pop with a twist of jazz,’ her music sounds upbeat even as she sings about the disappointments of life and romance. The switches between instruments and between original or cover songs appeared easy and fluid for Flo. The crowd sat on the mosaic tile steps of the shopping center, stood in front of the stage, and played in the fountain. read more at link...”

“OurStage is known for its many talented artists in dozens of different genres. Every month, we award prizes to those that have made it to the very top of the charts. Join us in congratulating the artists that ranked Number 1 in their channel! Video Winner: Flo Anito – “Uh Oh!“ Shot in a local diner, Flo Anito’s video for “Uh Oh!” goes perfectly with the fun, upbeat song. Through a series of amusing mishaps and scenes playing her acoustic guitar, the video is both entertaining and adorable.”

“Express Night Out Top Stops: #1 "The Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie Fest...[is] an impressive collection of not-well-known-but-well-loved-by-those-who-know-them mid-Atlantic musicians (including Flo Anito, pictured)”

“What I hoped this CD would capture is at the same time what I feared it never would, the wit and innocence of Flo's voice, through her music. I have not been disappointed. Flo has managed to create a variant of pop on this album that I am affectionately naming "Sugar Pop".”

“You know you have a great musician if they can put a stop to conversations midway and turn a few heads all before the end of their first song. masterful command of the guitar, keyboard, and voice.. Ms.Anito turns the mundane into something extraordinary through her music.”

“Flo Anito has made DC her home, and we are the better for it. Her release "No Dustbunnies” is filled with heartache, lost love, ambition and hope. Strong female songwriter with a piano makes for comparisons to Tori or Fiona, but that isn’t fair. Her bluesy, soulful takes stand out.”

“Sweet, sultry and surprisingly concise considering her classical background, Anito's style fuses Ani DiFranco and Jewel (pre-her silly pop phase) and still comes out a little more like Nelly McKay than I could have ever hoped.”

“Flo Anito is starting to become a very well known singer in the Washington DC area, not only for her great music, but her good looks and charms as well. She pours her heart and soul into her music, and this is something that can be heard when listening to her songs. ”

“District of Sound interviews Flo...”

“Joel's Picks – by Joel Sparks -SUNDAY JULY 1 FLO ANITO AT THE WONDERLAND BALLROOM A gentleman and a scholar, Michael Jantz continues to host local musicians at his Sunday night Wonderland gigs. Anito makes original singer-songwriter material something like Fiona Apple.”

“When passing through the Downtown Holiday Market, en route to the National Hanakkuh Menorah Lighting, I had the pleasure of listening to bluesy pop artist Flo Anito performing at Downtown Holiday Market… by all means, stop in at the Holiday Market today, 20 December,when Flo returns ”

“these are a handful of his favorite musicians…"The musicians are donating their time to Charlie's Place. They're being very gracious. I can't speak highly enough about the performers, their music, their persona. They're good people to know about in the city."”

“I am now hooked on this cd [No Dustbunnies] and I can't get enough of it. She sounds like Tory Amos or Fiona Apple without all of the melancholy! The songs are really catchy, with articulate and clever lyrics.”

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“Food Crush: Mary Alice from Ace of Cakes...Things we like that we think Mary Alice would also like: Flo Anito”

“You will fall in love with Flo Anito! I saw her at an DC Acoustic Underground event recently and she completely enveloped the room. A tremendous local talent, reminiscent of Regina Spektor/Ani Difranco/Fiona Apple with acoustic and classical influences. A wonderful voice..”

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