Fink / Press

"This glorious follow-up showcases Fink's sharpened knack for thoughtful songwriting that details fragmented moments full of heartache and hopeful promise, steeped in sonic palettes rich with dub, blues, folk, and acoustic soul."


“Fink has demonstrated clarity of vision, stemming from steady maturity and the wisdom that comes with it. He’s found his way, and his determination to show us how to get there makes this the most perfect and remarkable addition to his catalogue yet. Realized potential in action.”


"I am always searching for the next paradigm shift in music, but it takes an album like 'Distance and Time' to remind me that reinvention is possible within a genre."


"Fink’s music is as beautiful as it is haunting...one of the few whose music actually will generate attention...unmistakable quality makes Fink’s music irresistible and his message undeniable."


"Like a Proust madeleine, the thought of an ex’s flapjacks sets off this UK singer/songwriter. Before long he’s crying in his Stella and poring over old love letters."


"John Martyn for the 21st Century....a beguiling album."

The Sun

"His strength lies in the subtle uncomplicated honesty of the guitar, the voice, and the song. Fink has managed to hone and master all three."


"Thankfully, into a world of navel-gazing wet-holes there comes Fink (a man and his band) who serves up taut, shimmering dark acoustica that trembles with emotion that gives the blue-eyed soul of others a blackened bruise and revels in the damage."