Fillmore Slim / Press

“Guitar Slim was a genuine trendsetter. Seventy-five years before it became a common practice because of the use of electronics, he frequently dazzled his audiences by leaping from the stage and playing in their midst, trailed by a 350-foot cord and an attendant to keep it from tangling.”

"[Son of the Seven Sisters] is a lively, kicking album with a fine band backing a man who, among other plaudits, has become known as the Godfather of Hip Hop."

Roy Bainton - Blues Matters Magazine, UK

"Fans of funky blues and soul will never get enough of this…" (ESC for Rootstime.be)

Eric Schuurmans, Netherlands - Rootstime.be

“The dude is complex. He’s a love bandit, Cadillac craver, sidewalk poet, pimp extraordinaire, ex-con, eager entertainer, velvet-wrapped urban legend, and, above all, bluesman. Fillmore Slim is all that.”

Dennis Rozanski - Blues Rag

“Rock Star finds Slim deep in his James Brown bag, name-checking blues, soul, and rock ’n’ roll stalwarts ranging from B.B. King and Bobby Rush through the Rolling Stones and Elvis, all the way to Judas Priest and Van Halen (!); and, of course, his playfully self-aggrandizing anthems, such as the ones mentioned earlier, both amplify and signify on his hard-won pimp/playa persona.”

“Fillmore Slim, also from Louisiana, entered the stage decked out in full Superfly attire”

“Blues icon Fillmore Slim returns to legendary Oakland nightclub”

“Eli's Mile High Club in West Oakland Celebrates Its Blues Legacy This Weekend”

“Fillmore Slim returning to Eli’s, spot that sparked musical career”

“Fillmore Slim returning to Eli’s, spot that sparked musical career”