Field Tripp / Press

“At a mere six tracks (only five if you didn't get the physical copy, suckers), Les is Mormon still manages to run the emotive gambit from feisty and fun to meandering and melancholy, all delivered in the distinctive, psychedelic rock style we've come to know and love from Field Tripp.”

“Uplifting and entertaining, this hodgepodge of musicians bring the catchy melodies and relaxing rhythms that indie music has become so popular for with the same class and quality as the big boys. Comparisons to Radiohead and Modest Mouse are on the money, so with that kind of talent they are a must listen. ”

“The outfit, featuring anywhere from seven to 10 members, requires some balance (and Tetris-like configuring) to cram on stage, but with that many cooks, you know the kitchen is full of unique ideas. Allmond seems entirely open to it all: The collective has morphed from taut power pop to a whimsical, all-out jam band with touches of Dashboard Confessional, Radiohead, and Modest Mouse coloring the songs. A schizophrenic combination, sure, but it works against all odds.”

“Field Tripp’s ‘Conversation Flammable’ is one trippy alternative pop add to the Big Med Playlist for The Big One. I’m old so I want to say this tune conjures up memories of The Talking Heads and REM on a power dating circuit with Modest Mouse and Weezer.. but hey, that’s just me.”

“There are times while listening to this album that I question my own sanity, and again I feel it necessary to affirm that the self-investigation is not a bad thing. Super-Ego Friendly makes me want to dance slowly through a field of daisies and make wishes while blowing on the seedheads of dandelions. ”

"Pretty fucking groovy, man!"

Cris Kirkwood of the Meat Puppets

"Although it seemed brief, the Field Tripp set did not disappoint me. From the first time I heard the indie-rock grooves there was something familiar. Live, they have a very raw, garage band quality that makes you feel like one of the cool kids. Although there is catchy familiarity, the songs all ring with wholehearted originality