Fever Crash / Press

“Fever Crash Twitch and Shout CD Review By: The Gypsy Poet Fever Crash is the brainchild of none other than the fabulous Paul Fleming from the Mutants. The music here, is fun and frisky, with lots of twists and turns and plenty to fill the ears! On the Soundcloud page where this concept was discovered, each song on here, is enchanting and hypnotic and fresh. (http://soundcloud.com/PaulFleming) The song, "It's a Sickness" has fresh guitars riffs and lyrics that takes the listener away to a whole other world that makes ‘The Outer Limits' look like a mundane plateau with a giant hole in the ground. Simple, melodic but with guitar riffs that add a dose of color in the mix the song and lyrics sing in this hypnotic state of this song. Trance-like, flowing and mesmerizing. Fever Crash "Gonna Rain" possesses a strong-holding sound that exudes poetry and onomatopoeia—lots of fun imitation of sounds such as that of the raindrops and the song itself... (cont. below) ”

“Though, each song has its own unique twist and incredible taste of sounds, it was difficult to pick out which ones seem to have that distinct freshness. The impression that Fever Crash gives is one that has a nostalgic feel of and from the past and actually finds a way to bring it into the music that we know today. Not very many songwriters and musicians can bring this kind of underground sound to the surface and still make it noticeable. This is definitely an album worth noting, considering it's all done from one person. This is someone who brings a very important sound to the surface from a place that only very few can understand and is cutting-edge in the sense that there is a history here that needs to be seen and heard. This music is about not only nostalgia, but taking the remnants of a period that once happened that rocked the world and bringing it to the forefront of what is in this moment. Literally saying, this music is of the moment and… in the moment.”

"Art For Punk's Sake" In a career predicated on unpredictability,it's only fitting that San Francisco punk pioneers the Mutants have risen from near-death and are coming to Colorado under the auspices of Denver's Museum of Contemporary Art. "Everything on the block was called Terminal-something; the Rexall on the corner was called Terminal Drugs," says Fleming with a laugh. "And it's all gone now. It's old San Francisco and it's all gone." But not the Mutants, who've reunited for sporadic gigs around San Francisco. Fleming, who recently released a solid album of his own, called "Twitch and Shout" credits the internet. "We've cleared out so many gatekeepers, and it's all kind of a culmination of that whole do-it-yourself era" says Fleming. "It's amazing, all these years later to have people interested."