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“Felsen is the West Coast’s answer to the creative musical zeitgeist of Brooklyn’s indie music scene.”

Rachel Milani - TourWorthy.com

“One part The Who at Woodstock, one part traveling medicine show and one part old-time tent revival (Describing a Felsen Concert)”

Amy Maginnis-Honey - Fairfield-Suisun Daily Republic

“1. Felsen – I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore–ALBUM OF THE YEAR This album is flawless, yet human. Andrew Griffin, Cristian Hernandez, Dylan Brock, and Art McConnell, from the San Francisco Bay area, play as if their lives depend on it. The songs speak to 21st century isolation at many levels, but there is still a positive undercurrent. Bookended by opening track Rock and Roll’s Not Dead and the penultimate Greetings from the Ghost of Heavy Metal Rock and Roll, Felsen is here to tell you that the art form lives, and is kept alive by true believers. This is Felsen’s defining moment, and the Album of the Year for 2013 will stick around for a very long time.”

Mike Lidskin - TwirlRadio.com

“Felsen succeed on I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore because they let songs evolve, allow small guitar solos, are not afraid to let tracks pass the four minute mark and most of all – keep the listener engaged with smart lyrical tales. It is a laid back record that shows off Felsen’s experience while being a great example of how a group can record, mix and produce an album themselves for positive results.”


“I Don’t Know How to Talk Anymore is a casually polished, beautifully offhand collection of smart, quirky pop songs. Griffin has the trick of turning low-grade disaffection into melodic confections. “I’m at my best in line at the plasma bank,” he confides in the airy, breezy “All You Gotta Do Is Smile,” hitting the knife-edge balance between euphoria and melancholy that distinguishes great pop from not so great.”

JENNIFER KELLY - Blurt Magazine

“Felsen has its insightful finger on the pulse of a harried, busy generation.”

Kelly Davis - Tahoe Daily Tribune

“Felsen strives to ensure survival of rock 'n' roll”

SF Chronicle

“Truly one of the best kept secrets of the Bay that deserves to be parroted, played as loud as possible, and shouted out to all corners of the world. The talents of frontman Andrew Griffin bring the mission and message that, "rock and roll's not dead" to the jaded masses, and bring some of the best and honest celebrations of life and all living things with an alive sound that helps remind you that a smile is one of the greatest gifts to the world anyone can or could at the very least provide.”

impose magazine

“I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore is an album that all rock fans need to hear.”

“Felsen's 'I Don’t Know How To Talk Anymore' - it’s the band’s most potent and thought-provoking album yet. There are individual gems, including the title track, as well as 'Gunfighting at Dawn,' 'Tierra Del Fuego' and 'Lorazepam.' But Andrew Griffin and company have also succeeded in making the album a cohesive entity. Powerful songs.”

San Jose Mercury News

“I've seen Felsen play live a couple of times now, and they play with an unparalleled sense of urgency. The songwriting and performance is top notch.”

Mike Lidskin - Twirl Radio

“Straight into my top 10 for the year. From the wierdy Flash Gordon style opening, what’s not to like? Strong vocals, washy whirly organ, tremolo guitar, pipe organ al la strawberry fields, and some digital space age freak out sounds; it’s all here, all present and correct.”

“I Listened to "Breaking Up With Loneliness" album this week. Really Good! It highlights a very different sound from the live show, while also touching on the energy of those performances. Admirable production work, too! "Put the headphones on your head" because Felsen's gonna save you!”

Steven Short - KALW 91.7 fm San Francisco

“Everyone in the audience could tell that they loved performing and that passion was infectious”

“If rock music can be saved, it will be because of bands such as Felsen. Felsen is rock. No, seriously: the word Felsen actually means “rock” in German. But all linguistics aside, this quartet from Oakland means business. They are contemporary without being trendy; classic without being tired. Categories and labels don’t work with them. At times, their sound is heavy pop that resembles a more approachable version of Muse; they engage in wordplay that could come from They Might Be Giants; they navigate unpredictable chord progressions that are typical of the Beatles. Yet Felsen doesn’t sound like any of those bands.”

“Griffin, who here sings, plays guitar and writes the songs, has a keen ear for a pop tune. Highlights are plentiful. “Self Medicate” fuses polished chops with Cracker’s quirky amiability, and “Lay Kenneth Lay” would sound great on a Sound Asleep compilation, with its Pink Floyd and storybook references, monstrous chorus and perfect twangy Fenders”

“when Felsen scores it is a big deal, quite a thrill. The lyrics on this CD are truly original and often insightful, fitting comfortably in this brand of artful pop rock”

“Breaking Up With Loneliness is an instant classic, presenting a non-stop string of smart and memorable songs...almost all of which sound like hits you've never heard before.”


"Indie pop-rock band Felsen delivers a solid collection of songs rooted in the classic rock of yesteryear but aiming for the sensibility of a modern man"


"The quality musicianship of the record really glowed through the live set. One aspect I particularly enjoyed was the synewy keyboard parts, sometimes adding dashes of sub-melodies into the songs that enlivened them. Tracks like “Karma” built to flourished ending with the keys played like time-keepers reminiscent of Supergrass or Spacehog, glam rock bands of the 90’s."

Perry Shirley - musezu.com

““Witty lyrics, solid hooks, and great production are all here.””


““This is music full of originality while staying rooted in some of the best of classic rock.” ”


““Marvelously witty pop” ”