FAUST / Press

"The best 90s era progressive Death Metal album that I've heard in quite awhile" 8.5/10

The Plague (USA)

"This disc is absolutely mandatory for fans of good technical Death Metal" A-/A+


"A perfect storm of intellectual brutality" 4/5

Ectomag (USA)

"Very recommended" 8/10

Blistering (Canada)

"The future of all things Death Metal may very well stem from 'From Glory To Infinity'” 10/10

E-MetalSpace (USA)

"Very impressing stuff" 4+/5

Antichrist (Ukraine)

"This is a highly recommended Death Metal release" 4/5

Sea Of Tranquility (USA)

"There is only to bow to 'From Glory To Infinity'" 5/5

Metal Empire (Italy)

"This album in fucking stellar from the first second to the last" 9/10

Funeral Rain Zine (Canada)

"'From Glory To Infinity' is very much the perfect death metal CD on all levels" 9/10

Hardrock Haven (USA)