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“Next on the list is Washington State rockers @SilverBullet and Stop. Come with us back to the late 80s when grinding voices and glam was king. This song is so reminiscent to an earlier age of rock that we had no choice but to add it to the list of countdowners this month. It may start out ruff, but once you feel the beat and get into the groove with this band you'll be back for more."”

“Right out of the gate, Silver Bullet took over El Corazon. Timeless great music executed by 4 accomplished Musicians. They blew me away. They were tight, polished, and delivered a great set from beginning to end. Can't wait to get them more shows and see them again and again.”

“Not to be outdone, Silver Bullet came to the stage with their head-banging, all out rocking sound that many hard rock fans will identify with. This band, led by James Teixeria, has mastered their classic rock sound and I heard some on the crowd suggest a similarity to Pantera and AC/DC. With each band playing their own sound, it may seem unfair for this band to have followed a more acoustic-based sound, but after further listening to their music outside of the venue, they are likeable on their own as long as you know what you are in for. They’ll make your ears bleed – in the true rock way it’s intended.”

“Silver Bullet was captivating. You could tell by watching them they loved performing! Their sound was phenomenal and at one point I would compare James Teixeira, the lead singer’s, voice to Aerosmith. They had a great sense of humor, and James told the audience, “We practice the hell out of that song. Sometimes it just doesn’t come out right.” Silver Bullet was unforgettable, and if you ever get the chance to watch them live don’t miss it. ”

“Awesome Flashback I listened to these guys at a small venue the other day. I was so impressed with their music that I got their album. This album reminds of the days when Metallic was young. You got cold chills up your spine. Truly these guys are going somewhere. I closed my eyes and listened to the rythm while they took me back in time to the days of GNR and some heavy metal.. Keep an eye this band, they are on their way to stardom.”

“New School Muscle... ....with an old school foundation. From the opening track's rapid fire, palm-muted riff, to the minor 3rd dual guitar outro, Manifest Destiny is a musical and lyrical testament that rock and roll is alive and well. The great northwest quintet took everything that was right with music from the past 30 years, filtered it through their young souls, and gifted the world with a tight and gritty debut album that will get you singing at the top of your voice, drumming on your steering wheel, or rocking your air guitar along with the band. There's a little something for everyone; slow and heavy rockers, medium paced grooves, and blistering riffs to get you pumped; real, raw, and (occasionally) ridiculous lyrics; and a thundering rhythm section that sets the tone for the whole album from the first note. Get your copy today and renew your faith in rock.”

“ These guys are very talented, focused on their music and willing to put the time in to get the job done right. Their music definitely has an 80's influence but with a very hard edge to it. Kind of the way Guns and Roses was 80's but won Grammy's for being real and in your face. Ripping guitar solos, rhythms that grow on you quickly, interesting lyrics, drum transitions that ease the tension, driving bass lines, all wrapped together with vocals that remind me a little of Dave Mustaine”

“Bringing life to 21st Century Rock & Roll, One Power Chord at a Time Twelve solid tracks of Rock and Roll, no fillers, no one hit wonders. The production will blow you away. From the catchy and clever talk-box riffing of 'Denial' to the stadium anthem 'Light 'Em Up' and the Dokken-esque power chorus of 'Demons of the Night', these young musicians have tapped into some powerful and iconic influences [Scorpions, GNR, AC/DC, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Dokken, Quiet Riot] and used their melodic toolboxes to deliver an original and well-adapted 21st Century Rock and Roll classic. The tunes take you on a journey well suited for driving fast, working out, or partying. There are plenty of hooks and gold nuggets in this album, and the only way you're going to find them is if you get your hands on it ASAP! Dio must be looking down from heaven (or up from hell?) and giving the horns to Silver Bullet! \m/ \m/”

“Saw you in Bremerton last night, Love your Old School Rock sound,We have needed this sound to come back to seattle. So "Put 'Em On The Glass" put washington back on the map. Keep rockin guys,You have a few more Fans in Port Orchard and Bremerton.”

“Silver Bullet Synthesize '80s Cock Rock Influences for Retro Hard Rock Sound ”

“Manifest Destiny This is a band that literally slaps you up side the head with rock and roll. These guys are a up and coming band that will be going places. They are their own band with their own original music, not a run of the mill cover band. You can feel the guitar work, you can sense all elements working together. WATCH THIS BAND!”

“Thanks to Silver Bullet and James, Cody and Colin for just being awesome in general. Oh, and I guess they only kicked SO much ass at Studio 7, it should have been freakin' illegal! Seriously, a great show. They've definitely improved their skill as rocking as a single unit, and their sound.”