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Factory of Dreams / Press

“'(...)Both have conjured up yet another masterpiece and have expanded on it tenfold. For those who enjoy the works of Devin Townsend or Ayreon this record is right up your alley. If there is one band that I feel deserves far more attention than they actually receive it would be Factory of Dreams. The sonic landscape which is created here by Flores and meshed with the angelic voice of Lehto leaves one craving for more after each listen. So, load up the starship and come sail away with a record that literally makes time stand still.'”

“‘This is the kind of album that is a pleasure to experience’ ‘(…)filled with great music and excellent female lead vocalists. The storyline is interesting and the lyrical development is well conceived. Definitely an album you will want to experience with headphones in the comfort of your easy chair… with your eyes closed. Venefica Luna’s artwork is simply out of this world (…) Let the story unfold as you bask in the glow of the surrounding soundscape.’”

“'An exceptional grade rating is deserved' (93/100) 'She's an absolutely stunning singer [Jessica]. The two guest vocalists also do a good job, with Raquel Schüler doing a duet with Jessica on Angel Tears and Magali Luyten actually sings her song, Dark Season, on her own, another surprise about the release.' 'The quality of the writing is also superb once again' '[Seashore Dreams] is one of the best songs Factory of Dreams has ever done.'”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'A bombastic and passionate album!'”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'Musically, this is Hugo’s best work, and Jessica never sounded better. I don’t know what he does to one up this work, but, given the solid progression, I can only guess. Hugo is a master.' 10/10”

“MELOTRONICAL - ‎'This is an impressive creation'Read it all @ http://www.progressor.net/review/fod_2011.html”

“‎MELOTRONICAL - 'This is perfection, pure and simple, and it deserves full points no matter how I look at it.' (10/10”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'You'll be hard pushed to find a better album of this ilk elsewhere in 2011'”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'Une profusion de styles qui s'imbriquent les uns dans les autres avec une facilité déconcertante(..)ce nouvel essai de Factory of Dreams est une vraie réussite.. '”

“MELOTRONICAL - "He truly needs to be recognised as the cyber prog genius he is!"”

“MELOTRONICAL - "A monster roller-coaster!"”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'Factory Of Dreams signe un vrai chef d'oeuvre. À découvrir sans tarder.'”

“‎MELOTRONICAL - 'As always, fans, and there’s more and more of them every day, are going to absolutely love Melotronical. At the same time this kind of symphonic prog-metal has really developed into a thriving sub-genre so if you enjoy the music of others such as Arjen Lucassen’s Star One, or Nightwish or the already mentioned Dream Theater and even Shadow Gallery, I think you’ll really want to get your hands on this new disc. Factory of Dreams is quality gothic flavoured heavy symphonic progressive rock.' - http://www.jerrylucky.com/reviews%20f-j_055.htm”

“'This man knows what a good progressive metal album needs' - Lords of Metal 85/100”

“MELOTRONICAL - "Viscéralement Sublime"! 9/10”

“MELOTRONICAL - "Jessica's vocal work is simply breathtaking"”

“MELOTRONICAL - "Stunning, that's what this album is from the album artwork through to the music."”

“MELOTRONICAL - "The music is brilliant, and the lyrics sound epic"”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'It sounds huge, it's beautifully presented, and I couldn't find a duff moment on the entire album.'”

“MELOTRONICAL - 'a real gem' - Lords of Metal 85/100”

“MELOTRONICAL - "Lehto once again impresses with her gorgeous, operatic vocal delivery, which is simply lovely to behold"”

“MELOTRONICAL - "(...)exceptional with perfect craftsmanship that envelopes the listener to hunger for more. The one thing that i feel strongly separates FOD from the other bands in the same genre is the fact that they are not afraid to dive into the more pop oriented culture rather than try to hard to force the metal sound into their music (...) The true beauty of the album is that its the atmosphere and intensity that excells within the harmonies and operatic vocal work."”

“MELOTRONICAL - "(...) musically impressive and completely and utterly atmospherically and dynamically driven."”

“MELOTRONICAL - "(...) gigantic sci-fi prog metal of epic proportions, with immense imagination, intelligence and ambition (...)The songs swirl from quiet reflection to frenetic power, full of dreamy melodies, soaring refrains, rich synths, twinkling piano, driving guitars and skilful technical musicianship, all superbly produced."”

Ravenheart - Ravenheart

“MELOTRONICAL - "A huge accomplishment (...) and just may possibly be their best, involved and most complete work to date."”

“MELOTRONICAL - '...one of early 2011's must hear releases. Hugo Flores and Jessica Lehto are a magical combination'”

“MELOTRONICAL - "(...)a journey of sounds and emotions, an ode to joy, happiness, sadness, pain, fear ... From the softness of PIANO jump to the ferocity of the guitar, and from the singer's excellent interpretation(...)"”

“MELOTRONICAL - "The orchestration and dramatic combinations of sounds and atmosphere are dramatically driven home with a hell of an album here which is already my favorite of 2011"”

“'Hugo has scored another masterpiece. 9.5 / 10'”

"Hugo Flores has once again shown the progressive metal world why he is undoubtedly considered one of the best around"

“MELOTRONICAL - "The chemistry between the two is fantastic and the worlds that they combine flow flawlessly together(...) Overall, the album is just fantastic and beautifully written and keeps the listener engaged throughout the record."”

"If you have dreamt of coming across a band blending the styles explored by acts such as Nightwish and Ayreon, Factory of Dreams offers a fine example of just that on "A Strange Utopia". Grandiose progressive metal with strong symphonic tendencies is served here, with powerful operatic female vocals as a dominating feature throughout."

“'A Strange Utopia is a worthy and very progressive fusion that deserves to be heard – recommended!'”

"...big-sounding, melodramatic multi-layered progressive metal landscape."

"...A Strange Utopia is rich with sweeping drama that ranges from the spine chillingly atmospheric through to the warmth of lusciously written melody."

"Strong stuff, and a welcome gem here in the final days of 2009!"

“'Hugo Flores doesn’t just make music, although his music is some of the most interesting you will ever hear. (...) the liner notes on this CD are among the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Of course, Hugo doesn’t do those, but he surely has input into what gets produced. They were produced by the artist Paul Gerrard who also does film work.'”

"Utopia is solid prog rock, with metal leanings courtesy of Flores’ guitar sound, and highlighting Lehto’s pure, chilling delivery."

“'(...)Think of Dream Theater mixed with Shadow Gallery all heavily orchestrated.'”

“The last Factory Of Dreams album, "Poles" in 2008, was a real treat (...) Even better, they haven't fiddled around too much with their raison d'etre, and this is another cracking slab of symphonic goth metal(...)”

"Jessica Lehto is an incredible singer, whose voice soars above the music, reaching into octaves that are dumbfounding"

“'Per chiudere, posso consigliare questo album a tutti gli amanti del progressive, in particolare quello più sperimentale e più spinto, se mi passate il termine. Buon ascolto a tutti!'”

“'(...) lushly orchestrated, dramatic and would best be described as heavy symphonic. Letho’s vocals once again hold centre stage and certainly command attention; they are sweet, operatic and movingly melodic adding a distinct gothic flair.'”

“'Flores has worked the balance to perfection, resulting in an album that has enough hooks and interest to make you come back for those crucial extra listens.'”

“'...album d'une qualité impressionnante, dans le monde du métal lyrique progressif. Les compositions sont originales et calibrées à la perfection.'”

"...réussi et à ne manquer de découvrir sous aucuns prétextes."

“'(...)Le tout est envoutant et émouvant juste ce qu'il faut.'”

"Lehto is a wonderful singer, and her soaring vocals on tracks like "Inner Station", "Weight of the World", and "Voyage to Utopia" just draw you in and take you on the musical journey that the band is trying to convey"

“'(...)fans of the music of Ayreon, Nightwish and others creating music in that style will find much to enjoy here. Factory of Dreams is quality gothic flavoured symphonic progressive rock.'”

“'...le résultat est bluffant. Installez-vous confortablement dans votre fauteuil, fermez les yeux et laissez-vous bercer par ces mélodies doucereuses, cette voix suave et enivrante.'”

"...une incroyable œuvre musicale : touffue, compliquée et sensiblement imparfaite, certes. Mais d’une richesse haute en couleur et d’une originalité à toute épreuve"

"Plus long, plus orchestré, plus heavy (nettement !), voici venir le second album de Factory of Dreams."

"Clearly a very competent virtuoso guitarist not obsessed with speed, all this will happen over and over again, resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions and atmospheres that leaves you constantly questioning the direction the track will take next..."

“'Une voix douce, lumineuse, limpide, qui coule comme l'eau dans la rivière, sans accroc ni fausse note. Proche du lyrisme de Tarja Turunen, elle part haut dans les aigus, tout en sachant moduler ses lignes de voix pour apporter une hétérogénéité à l'ensemble vocal.'”

“'(...)la dextérité instrumentale de Flores impressionne.'”

“'Le chant de Jessica est parfait, sa voix reflète une pléïade d'émotions, du chagrin au bonheur, en passant par l'espoir ou la déception.'”

"Strange Utopia" s'avère plaisant autant pour les amateurs de (désormais labelisé) metal-à-chanteuse-lyrique type Epica/Edenbridge que pour les auditeurs plus portés vers les univers ambitieux et les performances musicales..."

"(...) Strange Utopia has some magnificent and compelling arrangements that tantalize the ears such as Inner Station or Sonic Sensations."

“'Atmosphérique, progressive et symphonique, la musique du duo pourrait être comparée à celle du Ayreon d’Arjen Lucassen à laquelle on aurait ajouté une dimension électro-gothique'”

“'(...)le combo est passé à la vitesse supérieure.' - MusicinBelgium”

“'(...) a memorable opus. ' '(...) Jessica Lehto gives the songs a dramatic element that is a perfect compliment to Hugo Flores' music which is also dramatic in nature. '”

"The songs on offer are very well structured and quite technical. I call this type of music thinking person's music" - 8/10

"Gripping vocals on "Inner Station" will instantly remind you of classic Nightwish when Tarja fronted the band, and the whispy violin lines of guest David Ragsdale and Flores' crushing guitar riffs are simply icing on the cake"

"... Impressively, he has managed to work all this into a coherent composition; the fretless bass pounding away ... the backing chords, sharing duties with the electric guitars as they perform in a virtuoso, at times almost floyd-esque manner (...)"