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“Eyelit, “Motionless”: In a compilation full of established local acts and stellar songwriting comes Eyelit, a husband-and-wife folk duo from St. Joseph. The sparseness of “Motionless” boosts the song’s weight, with simple mandolin riffs and subtle harmonies from Dansare Marks swimming underneath Austin Mark’s crisp lyrics.”

“A 1on1 interview with Austin Marks (from Eyelit) by Tuning Fork TV.”

“They may not be Johnny and June or Sonny and Cher, but they sure have better harmonies than a lot of music legends. Husband-and-wife duo Eyelit (aka Austin and Dansare Marks) stopped by for January's St. Joe Live Jams session. The final song from the set is called "Sun." Be sure to check out previous videos below, and look for a new featured artist in February.”

“On one mild Tuesday night, Cafe Acoustic felt like Cafe Acoustic again. There were no rock bands plugging in their amps and moving around their clunky drumsets. There were no stand-up comedians hurling borderline-offensive jokes to the audience. There were no bruising body slams being delivered by female competitors in the cranberry “wrestling ring.” Guitar strums and serene harmonies were hanging in the air on this night. And, man, did it feel good. A reserved, laid-back crowd filled the cafe’s back room to take a listen to Dubb Nubb of Columbia, Mo., and St. Joseph’s own Eyelit. Dubb Nubb — which consists of sisters Delia, Hannah and Amanda Rainey — opened the show with 14 cute, folk/pop songs. Usually, 14 songs would be entirely too much for an opening act, but Dubb Nubb kept each one short, sweet and to the point. None of the band’s tunes lasted longer than three minutes. Dubb Nubb sounded like an act that could have hopped right off the “Juno” soundtrack...”

“Video interview of Eyelit by St. Joe Live!”

““The Woe Dies” by Eyelit If you’re going to force comparisons, St. Joseph singer/songwriters Austin and Dansare Marks — the husband and wife duo that forms Eyelit — say Bon Iver, Iron & Wine and Bob Dylan are the three groups people most often say they sound like. They’ll take that compliment any day. “I’m not as good as Bob Dylan, but we kind of have a similar sound to that. Dansare has a prettier voice than him, too,” Austin laughs. Eyelit currently is wrapping up work on its second self-produced EP, “The Woe Dies.” Though there’s not yet a firm release date — they’re sending off the EP’s 12 tracks to be mastered before printing up the copies — Austin promises it will be available soon. Most of the songs on “The Woe Dies” started from the bare framework of Austin and his acoustic guitar. Dansare would sing some layered vocal harmonies, sometimes taking the lead on songs like “In Shade” and “Rolling Road.” But it was the violin parts, p”