Exqizit Flow / Press

“Big ups!! Thanks for the kind words. Keep that pen moving son”


“Sounding good man !”

DJ Immaculate

“Good track all round bro, solid as fuck”


“ill karnts.rowdy drunken mofos..sick shit...pce..7rav”


“You fellas killed that shit easy! Let's keep pushin Brissie on these fools let'em know wassup!!!”


“BAD BOIS !! SHOUT OUTS TO Punctueight Ryme Exqizit Flow Damo DynamicSkill Hussain Rytoz Reign keepin shit real!!”

Emcee J-Collide

“awesome night man keep us up to date on the next one bro”


“much love to my brothers from rytoz reign ~ salute from milwaukee/LA”

Chaotic Logic

“just showing some love!!!! biiiggggg uuuupppp!!!!!!!”

I&I (former Colourrunner)

“If time is money then takin my time was money well spent/ I don't need to sell my rhymes to make it worth every cent”

Exqizit Flow